Franky Morales: 14th Street Skatepark, Session Edit by Erick Rodriguez

2013 Repost + Rehost (The Conference’s Vimeo was taken down).

Franky Morales

Filmed by Erick Rodriguez and Rachard Johnson.

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    Frankie is a BEAST !

  • Dayrok

    tru topacid to fish what the fuckkk

  • sooper

    damn what can you even say about franky’s skating. unbelievable. words can’t do that justice.

    also i gotta say, e rod has really stepped his editing and filming game up, you can really tell that dude is motivated by the rate he’s progressed since he came into the game. everything flowed perfectly with the music, great shots and cuts. PROPS ALL AROUND

  • daniel

    erod can have credit when he buys a real video camera, and not an slr with a record button

  • igor

    Mano do Ceu ta destroindo na USD !
    Parabens carinha !

  • Anonymous

    only a douchebag would ride something other than Carbons. Best edit of 2013!

  • lil kids make me lol

    A+ edit ! Godd shooting, chill music, insane level of skating !!!

    makes me want to buy them Jordan skates : )

  • Anonymous

    So so so so so so so good!!

  • Anonymous

    Was that all shot on the same day – f**K!!

  • Mars Blackmon

    Is it the shoes? It must be the shoes? Its gotta be the shoes!!

  • Will

    No one can ever film an edit in this park ever again. He absolutely murdered everything in this edit.


    So gaaa dayyyyum throwed!!!
    I don’t even need to talk about how good Franky is, everybody knows greatness when they see it.
    Thanks E Rod and Rachard for the quality filming and the solid editing by E Rod.
    Can’t go wrong with the solid Wayne instrumental.

  • Al@n

    $ick! Qualiting editing by E-rod! Need more guys like franky!

  • sdfsd

    unreal…. fking made style into art

  • funny shit

    Frankly is still sick. Blubber hang is still absolutely the summer thing ever to come out of our industry. I could understand it is they were trying to become a rap group. Nope, just a group of idiots. E rod is a good editor/camera guy period. You can’t knock that talent by taking shit about him or his camera. What’s next. Saying hitchcock sucked cause he couldn’t use a color camera. He’s good with whatever he uses, the sign of a true artist. This topic should only be about how horrible andy is for losing deadly if you’re gonna hate on something or someone

  • Bob

    That coping switchup that merged round into fishbrain was fucking sick, christ almighty those tricks are made from dreams

  • Bobby Beausoleil

    Very ugly edit but nice music

  • Anonymous

    your ugly, bobby

  • Anonymous

    nice edit! fuck haters

  • TING

    Billy Doyles better

  • Anonymous

    just cant fuck with franky meng

  • Hops

    He’s a wizard.

  • sausageandmeat

    Manz bunning sum peng weed and chirpsing criss gal dem.edit was so peak ya get me

  • Song????

    Someone know the song???? Anybody?

  • Carly

    Lite it!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can think back maybe 15 solid years this nigga been killin it!

  • Steven Lazo

    Bumping this shit loud while your high… Fuken epic

  • Bone Thugs

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