Francielle Felix (20, Brazil): Photo by Nailson Siqueira

Francielle Felix

Francielle Felix, Team Traxart.
Check some edits of Francielle Felix here.

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59 Responses to “Francielle Felix (20, Brazil): Photo by Nailson Siqueira”

  1. Anon Says:

    shes hot, why isnt she pro?

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. George Says:

    looks like a female brain aragon with those absolutelyl awful glasses. I just can’t take people serious wearing those… it is like a i am an idiot stamp on their face. how hard can you try?

  4. MindGameInFocus Says:

    steeez … and yes she’s a looker… some ones not getting enough the one with no name..

  5. Brazil Rules Says:

    We have the most beautiful rollerbladers in the world!

  6. Perch Says:

    ¿she is hot? ¿she is hot? Que bueno, si, es beautiful,
    Pero, por fabooor dejaros de tanto hot, y fotos posando para la camara, ¡yo quiero verla en acción con sus rollerblades!.

  7. Perch Says:!

  8. sbask Says:

    typical rollerbladers getting boners over any female they see with skates on. She looks like a total dick with her glasses on that don’t actually help her see, or prevent sun light from hurting her eyes. Also…she looks like a man. Grow up you bunch of fuds

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Girls with rollerblades on is a new fetish of mine im sorry ok??????????????????????? I’m sure she looks better when shes not in guy clothes.

  10. Anonymous Says:




  12. DarthRoller Says:

    Couldn’t give a fuck how hot or not she is.

    We need more females to get more females (and thus more money/people with a common interest) into rollerblading.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    south america nothing more to say … country of worst rollerblade edits .. just take a look into the united worldrolling fb group …

    the only good thing are the bitches .. but shes aint good…

  14. Nailson Siqueira Says:

    Porra, tá zica mesmo hein Franzete! kkkk

  15. Pca4 Says:

    Pic looks like she sat on the coping fishbrain , said “take the pic!!!” and smiled for the camera…but chicks skatin is good , so no hate …

  16. Anonymous Says:

    ^^^^ exactly. Pic is set up.

  17. Sean Says:

    i was about to say the same thing. She is smiling and looking at the camera….no one else noticed that besides 2 other people?

    i think its great that she blades though, dont get me wrong

  18. Anonymous Says:

    FAKE fake fake
    fake fake

  19. Ingrid Munhoz Says:

    estão reclamando até da foto dela?

    ela sim é patinadora, manda muito, nada esta bom pra vocês seus gringo de merda!!!

    ja a vi patinando varias vezes e ela é fera, e a foto não é Fake,
    nem sei como minha foto veio parar nesse site, pois não sou patinadora, patino por diversão, não quero ser uma Fabiola da Silva ou Francielly Felix!!!

    olha o proffiler da Fran seus bostas, aposto que ela é melhor que muito de vcs,
    are complaining to the picture of her?

    yes she is skater, has many, nothing is good for you, your fucking gringo!

    already seen skating several times and she is the nice, and the picture is not fake,
    I do not know how my picture ended up on this site, because I am skater, skate for fun, do not want to be Fabiola da Silva or a Francielly Felix!

    looks proffiler of their droppings, I bet she is better than a lot of you,!

  20. Marsel Says:

    Id put my figure in her butt.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    if not for the photo of Ingrid Munhoz, surely the roller had not posted this photo of Ben 10 and, thanks to photo of Ingrid, the athletes are coming out of Brazil here on roller,

    two pictures are fake, so it’s like Ingrid, ben 10 represents only him!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    she is ugly, no style

  23. Anonymous Says:

    not as hot as the girl with the big boobies the other day… i would still stick it in her butt though… what what

  24. Anonymous Says:

    i fucking hate this girl. def not grinding

  25. Joe Says:

    Are you people serious? WOW!
    We should be happy to have cute girl-skaters, get your shit together people!

  26. pro boot Says:

    god bless brasil and female skaters!

    what skates are those????????????

  27. Yobad Says:


    Stop hating on everything that comes out, acting like this will only make our community weaker… Have some goddam judgement about what you say. I bet 90% of the hate comments here comes from 12~15 y.o. boys still sucking their mommy’s tits.. Lower and diversify your standards, not everything on rollernews needs to be something like Broskow edits or Chris Farmer Kangaroo jumps. BE aware that most of you haters dont even come close to the level of the edits you are hating on. Even if you don’t mean it, keep your trolling for yourself, people often like getting complimented and that motivate us.

    Não vou dar uma de nacionalista aqui mas pqp esse pessoal do rollernews não tem noção, pela milésima vez “por isso nosso esporte não vai pra frente tão rápido quanto poderia ir”.

  28. thesteeze Says:

    wooowww fishbrain lookin at the camera!!!

  29. Not gay Says:

    since most rollerbladers are gay, why post pictures of girls? as the comments above indicate, these faggots want to see old guys in tight jeans with their dicks hanging out doing little grinds.

  30. alexandre gahga Says:

    fake what?

  31. Infamous Says:

    shes so BEAUTIFUL

  32. tomas Says:

    why she wears so awful cap and glasses? thats the only problem! btw her skating is very good

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Bando de gringo boiola! isso sim!

  34. Rafael Okuhara Says:

    Bando de gringo boiolaaaa! isso sim!

  35. Anonymous Says:


  36. Anonymous Says:


  37. Pca4 Says:

    Ok I take my words back lol watched her edit and she prolly could lace that fish while smiling for the camera , thanks to who ever put her edit up !!!

  38. Anonymous Says:

    puta, fica com todos os patinadores e dá em cima dos namorados das outras, BISCATE

  39. Anonymous Says:

    bitch, get all the skaters and get on the other boyfriends,

  40. Anonymous Says:

    already stuck in her ass


  41. Anonymous Says:

    This woman is really gorgeous.

    Keep doing what you do and props to Brazil.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Que porra de estilo é esse? … queime esse oculos

  43. Vampiro Says:

    Ela è uma pessoa muito amorosa e dedicada no q faz,as vezes o olhar dela ipnotiza vc capaz de ficar perdidamente apaixonado.

  44. dyed red deshi Says:

    guys grow up who cares about her looks that’s a nice picture of here doing a rocket fish on a quarter pipe. Plain and simple. She’s a blader if looks mattered then she’d be a model.

  45. beplus Says:

    Rollernews: Quick, counter act that boobs doing a makio with something that looks genuine. But wait, shes staring at the camera, and it obviously isn’t actually being done. Nice.

  46. ron g Says:

    yellow tshirt yellow teeth AHAHAHAHAH what’s next ?

  47. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Sweet! The more ladies in blading the better. Watch her edits and you will see the pic is not faked.

  48. Francielle Felix Says:

    praise and thanks to crítical.MT will be welcome!
    who thinks my picture is fake can watch my videos on my channel … / franslineroller
    and who thinks I’m nerdy style can look at my photos on my page.


  49. LAPD Says:

    brazilians are real cheaters, fake grinds, fake boobs, fake ass

  50. your mom Says:

    looks stupid. 2/10 would not bang

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Haha classic rollernews. Everyone bitches about the picture being fake and then when people post an EDIT WHICH HAS A CLIP OF HER DOING A ROCKET FISH its almost completely ignored. Poorly run site that feeds off/ takes money out of rollerblading through advertising revenues and gives nothing back. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a glorified youtube channel/playlist posing as a news site.

  52. Anonymous Says:

  53. Anonymous Says:

    hmm steezy rocket fishy you say

  54. Anonymous Says:

    watch the edit…….

  55. Anonymous Says:

    waaaaaaatcccchhhh theeeeee editttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  56. Anonymous Says:

    watccccccccccccccccch the edit

  57. Anonymous Says:

    whats dat? did i hear someone say watch the edit….

  58. ENILA LEICAM Says:

    Meu Deus pra que isso??A mina anda e se ele ja teve algum relacionamento com algem de vcs isso ja e uma prova que na gringa não tem homen e sim PODRES HOMENS que finge andar de patins porque pra sair falando isso ..A menina anda bem e o que ela faz fora do patins e poblema dela não de voces…O roller dela e o que conta!

  59. Anonimos Says:

    Fala que a Brasileira e safada mais aquela tal de COCO SANCHEZ sai tranzando com todo mundo e ninguem fala isso pra ela!