Forward Freestyle: Bling Bling Contest, Pre Session

Forward Freestyle Park
Larger picture of the pasted printed art by AL.

Unlike most comps, the Bling Bling street contest is truly meant to be a 3 days event, packed with action and parties.

As a matter of fact, this year it all started on Friday night, at the infamous Foward Freestyle skatepark in Roselaere, Belgium, for a tremendous pre-session that lasted all night.

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8 Responses to “Forward Freestyle: Bling Bling Contest, Pre Session”

  1. Chris Phillips Says:

    Nice park. Looked like a fun place to skate.

  2. Frenchy Fries. Says:

    Frenchy Fries.
    Frenchy Fries.
    Frenchy Fries.

  3. Salim Says:

    Frenchy Fries.
    Frenchy Fries.
    Frenchy Fries.

  4. jon Says:

    ohhhhh top la famille

  5. rollmf Says:

    i love this song who’s singing? and how it’s named?

  6. Frenchy White Says:

    The name of the song is “Silver (Asian Diner)”, and Bonobo is the artist.

    I think it’s on the Animal Magic LP, but I’ll let you check that out.

    However I’m not too sure about how’s singing, as it’s an all instrumental track with no vocals ???

  7. Yokozuna Says:

  8. Marcus Says:

    strange people uses xsjado and do strange tricks