Forever Now (2004) by Brandon Negrete (Full Video)

June 2011 Repost.

forever now

Forever Now takes you from Paris to Texas with sections from James St. Ours, Jeremy Beightol, Oli Short, Micah Yeager and Chase Rushing. Featuring clips from Jeff Stockwell, Tory Treseder, James Short, Chris Farmer, Sayer Danforth, and more.

Sountrack courtesy of Rollingvideos.

  • Intro: New Order – Ceremony
  • James St.Ours: Datsuns – Sittin Pretty
  • Jeremy Beightol: The Stooges – No fun
  • Oli Short: Mooney Suzuki – Half of my heart
  • Micah Yeager: Johnny Thunders – Too much junkie business
  • Chase Rushing: Moving Units – Between us and them

forever now warning message boards cause impotance

RIP Brandon Negrete.

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  • Anonymous

    Basically the best video.

  • DarthRoller

    Farmer clips in the intro are absolutely gem.

    Oli Short’s one-footed 180 tap to christ backslide is something of a mindfuck.

  • new order

    Chase Rushing is fucking awesome!!!!!

  • IBS

    Chase Rushing kills it.

  • IBS

    Micah’s corner stair cess-slide is a banger!

  • nwo suck dick

    I like all the old Negrette films, Demode etc.. They have a great feel to them.

  • Anonymous

    Demode was carl sturgess.


  • seanpquinn

    too funny!
    oli is so baggy!

  • homer54o

    Definately my favorite

  • smoker

    damn that was great

  • Chris W

    One of my favorite blade flicks of all time. I watched this a couple of months ago for the first time in years, it’s amazing.

  • nutsonya chin

    for sure this dudes worst fuckin video

  • Chuck U. Farley

    It’s funny how everyone looks/skates like yeager now.

  • devlin

    what a bunch of puffters

    trying to call themselves a bunch of rockstars, jeans aren’t even tight enough

    only thing worth while i farmers tricks at the beginning

    its videos like this that killed off rollerblading

  • ka

    no mamaen esta reculero aparte si quisieron comprarar a los prosones q pasaron al inicio con la bola de tarados q sacan despues pues no me la mamen jajajajaja

  • Ulysses Rivera

    This was always such a sick video.

    Cayate mamon.

  • gl-joe

    Devlin its people who think they know what killed off rollerblading that killed off rollerblading.

    this is my favorite video ever. fast and to the point.

  • whooooooo

    perfect video. and nowadays everybody is trying to land their tricks like yeager did in 2004.

  • devlin

    in denial

    you know deep inside your brain that the sheer fact that negrete chose to film and edit mediocre tricks and highlight them from Forever Now –

    till the Meantime videos has encouraged some rollerbladers to put more emphasis on a vintage rock song and a waist coat rather than landing decent hammers than pussy’ole tricks.

    case in point sean santamaria

  • Anonymous

    Devlin clearly knows nothing about style. Dude, stick to stunt blading because no-one cares what you think.

    Yep, Micah did everything first.

  • devlin

    you clearly no nothing

    because stunt blading is where it all started

  • rob squire

    One of the best videos ever.

  • fdhdhf

    LOL so many people think this is a good video, that’s why rollerbladings image went down the drain..

    one of the worst rollerblading vids ever, wannabe rockstars.

  • No

    Middle class white hip hop son. That’s real!

  • SK

    I love this vid, specially the intro with this song.

  • where are teh rootz?

    Jeremy Beightol looks like Avril Lavigne lol. Yeah its quite nice but lacks variety. Only problem, all sections are similar! But the standard is very good mostly.

  • a

    Chase Rushing,

    please rollerblade more and make people film you. that section was incredible.

  • Meh

    I watched it again, gotta say I really like Oli Shorts sections, the little wall bump out and stuff.. the boys genius!

  • GL-Joe

    This video changed my life, still to this day.

  • Jimbob Jones

    Earmuffs children. Nostalgia is the first thing that comes to mind when watching this. High school, drinking hard, puffing harder, and living just to get laid and have wheels under my feet. Give me a fucking time machine.

  • C.H.U.D.

    I was feeling past my prime when this came out. The intro with the New Order track pulled me back in. Made me realize that I can skate any damn way I please. And yeah, the rocker image is just a little too forced and cliche, even back then, but the skating had a level of well-rounded maturity and free-thinking. The whole project captured the right people at the right time, on the cusp of a new wave.