Footagetape: Chynna is a punkrocker

Chynna Weierstall merking a 5 On It in 20 minutes at Al Dolega’s 5th floor loft/park/house in downtown Detroit.

Chynna Weierstall

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Thanks Al Dolega.

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55 Responses to “Footagetape: Chynna is a punkrocker”

  1. Arty Says:

    Its hard to watch this,if i know that the girl can beat me:D
    Otherway amazing:)

  2. NickL Says:

    inspin soul to true soul was sick. hey chynna, remember rateaskater? that was awesome

  3. Says:

    She has some serious skills! Hopefully she will continue to progress. Loving the back torque with the grab!

  4. aaron turner Says:

    its official better then jenna louge dont give a fuck what anyone says. she has some steez and the switch ups going on!!!!

  5. re Says:

    best girl skater imo,..
    loveee the style

  6. rollerblading is gay Says:

    damn thats some style.

  7. Weseeum Says:

    OMG! So stylish

  8. hadji Says:

    Nice skating!!!
    Can anybody tell me which camera was used to film this?

  9. resuk Says:

    big tricks!!

    like the swoon painting in the background!

  10. Chris K Says:

    Waaaaay too good! Repping that old Razors Flat buckle just like me, best buckles ever.

  11. Ron Jeremy Says:

    Needs bigger tits.

  12. Banan Says:

    Shes totally nice :D

  13. deny911 Says:

    Gingers do have SOUL!!!

  14. Baas Says:

    SICK! Skating and style were both really nice:D

  15. Pontus Says:

    woa! stylish as hell!

  16. dawn Says:

    really sick, but why didn’t they have a girls contest at Bitter Cold? seems like that should be a part of the biggest rollerblading competition in America, especially when one of the best girl rollerbladers in the country is a local? oh well, maybe next year

  17. jrszyjames Says:

    chynnaaaa i miss skatein wit ya ur a beast !! so style’ish

  18. colel Says:

    Ron Jeremy: It make me really ashamed that thats what most rolerbladers do on these sites whenever they see girls skatin in edits. they start talkin about the way they look. You notice that ur the only one who said anything about the way she looks? i think its becuz ur fat and barely land an alley oop soul on a 1ft hi ledge. So. Grow up, grow a pair and go out and skate until u can land the alley oop soul.

  19. wow Says:

    shut up colel. you’re a sissy

  20. Ryan Benner Says:

    Full section in 2 MUCH FLAVOR!!! you bitches already know!

  21. colel Says:

    nuh uh. no i’m not.

  22. hot girl Says:

    Ron Jeremy you need a bigger dick

  23. chris M Says:

    if everyone would pay attention to “ron jeremy’s” name then they might just realize its just some dumb fuck trying to be funny. does the name ring a bell to anyone but me? Anchorman anyone? so ya, quit taking shit so seriously. by the way, sick fucking skating, she would probably schread on me

  24. collin d. Says:

    uhm….youre thinking of ron burgundy. ron jeremy is the porn guy. haha

  25. DarthRoller Says:

    She’s sick.

    Need more girl rollers. Having girl rollers at a high level will help that little bit to draw them in.

  26. shiva Says:

    wow nice style and realy sweet..

  27. Richie Velasquez Says:

    She’s so good she should be named ASIA…
    Way to go China..

  28. brandigr2 Says:

    Ha Richie good one! Way to go Chynna! I miss visiting with you and your sis!

  29. Biz Says:

    chynna is doper then most dudes that skate,
    so dope

  30. Leo @ Ignition Says:

    she’s 16 years old. i’m skating for almost 16 years…and her tourque slides are better than mine, ha ha

    very nice, Chynna…

  31. dub Says:

    Chynna is awesome… why wasn’t there a girls contest at bittercold that was ridiculous?

  32. BURR Says:

    ewwwww a ginger

  33. heck $ Says:

    boys rule!! girls drool!!!

    that was sick chynnatown!!!

  34. Bob Says:

    vachynna blows, overrated? yes

  35. sean michaelson Says:

    that wasnt ron jeremy in anchorman???

    i was wondering why it turned into an 80s porn

  36. Lopez Says:

    Love it!

    sick style!

    best torque ever!

  37. josh Says:

    wtf is 5 on it and why whats so bad ass about having 5 on it in rollerblading…..sorry, guess i have nothing else to bitch about…but really tell me cause i think its a song reference…a bad song….and thats just dumb…..*guh durr*

  38. Jason Says:

    nice skating – well done. looking forward to a full edit.

  39. josh Says:

    maybe if they were 5 min edits, but no….just pointless dumb baller fail title

  40. Phrigid Says:

    Leo @ Ignition Says:
    She’s 16 years old. i’m skating for almost 16 years…and her tourque slides are better than mine, ha ha

    very nice, Chynna…:

    seriosly… And agreed. Girl has some talent.

  41. fer Says:

    she skates better than me haha

  42. Marcus Says:

    holy shit! fucking awesome!

  43. filip Says:

    torque was laced

  44. al dolega Says:

    -Chynna is 17, she turns 18 next month.

    -The “5 On It” name refers to the edit having five tricks. They’re just quick edits FootageTape puts out between full episodes. They’ve done several already, check ‘em out…..

    -There has never been a separate girls’ contest at Bittercold and I doubt there will be in the future. There isn’t enough time to do it and most of the girls who come out to Bittercold are good enough to skate against the guys. For example Fallon was one of the only people to grind Rill Big last year.

  45. mano Says:


    She’s 16 years old. i’m skating for almost 16 years…and her tourque slides are better than mine, ha ha


  46. love shower Says:

    ive never seen anyone pull off a tourqe that looks that sexy, it almost rivals the kelso’s, in any case great skating chyna dont stop you have a massive amount of talent

  47. Desp Says:

    There are very good girls skating out there. But usually no matter how good their technique is, it often looks clumsy and awkward.

    But that was just so smooth and well landed. Great sexy rotations, and amazing knee action there. Definitely very enjoyable style. Keep it up Chynna!

  48. koubis Says:

    @AlDolega: ok ‘5 on it’ for 5 tricks!!! It makes sense, always thought that the FT Team were big Luniz fans :D

  49. PedoBear Says:

    i think she’s actually pretty cute =) … i’d phuk er’… after next month ;) ;)

  50. sasha Says:

    Man this girl is UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. dawn Says:

    did Fallon skate Bitter Cold this year? what about Coco? did any other girl skate besides chyna? just curious

  52. tom Says:

    that was ill

    but did anybody else get the feeling at the start of the video like she was gonna say i got 5 in it instead? awkward or wat..

  53. Fred Castro Says:

    Man! chynna is the illest! she’s got the greatest style, half cab soul to 360 truesoul switch was freaking sick!

    loved it! great skating, keep it up!


  54. ab1critic Says:

    love your enthusiasm Fred but it was a half cab switch soul true 180 ao soul (re: no 360 involved). very nice though

  55. ab2crit Says:

    16 years old n so fresh :D
    Love U