Flavour 5 by Ryan Benner & Andrew Thompson (2015)

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Benner & Andrew Thompson.

Flavour 5 by Ryan Benner & Andrew Thompson (2015)

The 5th installment in the Flavor series featuring sections on: Ryan Benner (0:38), Matt Lyon (3:20) & Andrew Thompson (6:11).

Flavor Series by Ryan Benner: Savor the flavor (2008) + 2 much flavor (2011) + Forever Flavor (2012) + Savor the Flavor 4 (2014).

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  • Marcus Lewis

    Was a bit silly but so is all shrooming. Still love the energy and fun this video still had :D

  • Kyle Wood

    Definitely some good skating. Fun edit to watch as always. Finally another Benner section!!! ahh haha

  • jimbo

    most embarrassing video in history of rollerblading. you guys suck a big fat dick.

  • Kaig Thris

    what happened to aaron pyle & reed houston?