FISE World Andorra 2014: Roller Spine Finals (PRO)

FISE World Series, Andorra in Spain.

FISE World Andorra 2014

Julien Cudot: Roller Spine Finals (1st place)

Romain Godenaire: Roller Spine Finals (2nd place)

Cj Wellsmore: Roller Spine Finals (3rd place)

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  • Brice

    C’est quoi le drop de fou de Cudot !!!! :O

  • MAt

    WHAT DA FUUUUUUUCK CUDOT!!!!!!!! C’est quoi cet tricks de psychopate à la fin, j’ai cru que c’était un fake tellement je comprends pas comment on peut lancer un flat spin presque back flip depuis un plat jusqu’à une courbe 1,5m plus bas… ça passe ou ça casse. Dommage que Cudot soit pas plus constant comme Cj Wellsmore parce qu’il pourrait être au sommet du roller.

  • Polish guy

    i like cudot a lot wish he was in hedon skate

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how much did he won?

  • Anonymous

    juliens run was sloppy as fuck how did he win??

  • Anonymous

    Go Cudot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • damn

    was that a flat spin or a back flip at the end? It was crazy whatever it was.

  • Anonymous

    C est vrai que wellsmore était vachement constant… Curieux de voir les runs d avella…

  • Jhh

    Well deserved win by Cudot. Clean style too. You can see how all skaters including Wellsmore (who’s more of a bowl skater) are stressed with all the halfpipes. You don’t get much rest in a spine.

  • Roberts

    Cudot and Godenaire destroyed. Godenaires second run line was perfect!

  • Anonymous

    Cudot kill it! Wellsmore’s run couldn’t touch that flow.

  • Anonymous

    Was it a flatspin or back flip? I would say it’s a backflip except thrown to the side (to rotate faster I guess) but then he goes forwards again like how he started. Never been given a name on skates as far as I’m aware but it’s called a Barrel Roll on bmx.

  • Anonymous

    the best thing with Julien Cudot is that even if you want to hate him saying that his just a skatepark guys you cant because that dude rocks even on street…so go Cudot we want to see more of you :)