Fise 2009: Results ; Rollerblade & Bigjack Edits

Street Pro:

1 Mathias Silhan
2 Roman Abrate
3 Brian Aragon / Stephane Alfano (tie)

Street AM:

1 Charlier Loic
2 Gul Denis
3 Jefferson Michael

Check the Fise 2009, Full Results.

big jack

Bigjack Edits (Right Click / Save as):

  • Street Pros Finals: (185 mb).
    Featuring Runs of Mathias Silhan, Montre Livingston, Romain Godenaire, Mathieu Heinemann, Brian Shima.
  • Street AM Finals: (440 mb).
    Featuring Jon Matter, Loic Charlier.
  • Mini Spine: (130 mb).
    Featuring Julien Cudot, Roman Abrate, Mathias Silhan, Romain Godenaire, Franky Morales.

More Bigjack Fise 2009 Videos (Dirt, Skate, Wakeboard).

Fise 2009, Rollerblade Edit:


up: Some clips from the Fise 2009 and a small session in Montpellier outdoor skatepark.

Thanks Sven (Team Trs website).

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  • Blablabla

    Anyone knows the sound from the RB edit ?

  • pfff

    Jugement faussé… J’aurait honte à leur place.

  • mat

    Roman aurait du gagner…

  • bra

    le jugement n’a pas été faussé c’est les riders qui se sont notés entre eux ! Tias t’a tout déchiré

  • Gaston

    le classement amateur c’est celui de l’an dernier la!?!

  • Smashing Dumplings

    That was a poorly constructed edit! it ended like a schoolboy edit.

  • braaaaaa

    jugement faussé je suis d’accord certainement aprés le vrai jugement par les skaters , et la même chose en mini Franky 4? Pourquoi? juste le style…

  • facer

    swain go home !!!!

  • acekid

    that sucked…

  • NINO

    It was Nice

  • Jhaine062

    Good demonstration of “skillz but no style”.

  • Paul22

    the song is… benga – 26 basslines

    team rollerblade GO HOME O

  • mimi

    roman = WINNER !!!!!

  • jeff

    The real winner is Abrate Roman.

  • Alexis

    Mathias just killed shit ! He skated every corner of the park with a fuckin good style. Not only single hammer trick on one rail like Roman but some really good line with sick trick everywhere. He had to win.

  • resuk

    how cool of rollerblade to put a edit online so quickly,
    its the first footage i see of fise, i dont see other brands do it, so why hate..

  • TheTruth !

    Real winner = Roman Abrate !

  • Roussel

    that 450 to bs full torque was pretty sweet.

    but is it jsut me or did this look like it was from the 90s? i think tis the shorts and graffiti skate park haha. not hating tho enjoyed it.

  • slcrollin

    well with the rollerblade edit i agree its the side of good skating now style.

    But that is what is going on in rolling right now. you look at all the new vids coming out and they have good tricks but they dont make them look good. What is the point on doing a trick if it doesn’t look good or feel good. To me it just i see all these wanna be’s out there trying to look like everyone else. Be your own person skate like you not the person next to you

  • koubis

    The results are coming from the official Fise Page:

    but Streettours seems to have different results for the Street AM:

    1 – Loic Charlier
    2 – Taylor Latouche
    3 – Jon Matter
    4 – Stephane Luchie
    5 – Warren Digne
    5 – Jojo Jacobi
    7 – Adrien Anne
    8 – Greg Breger
    9 – Nicolas Auroux
    10 – Alex Francon
    11 – Dick Heerkens
    12 – F Rumo
    13 – Kevin Padou
    14 – Nicolas Francon
    15 – Adil Fahrouni
    16 – Allan Beaulieu
    17 – Remi Santos

    Those seems good, since Jon Matter was in the AM Edit (finals) of this year.

  • dillon

    haha one british man has just wiped the floor with all them americans.
    quality stuff steve!

  • jon

    Wesh vive les faux résultats amateur !!!!!!

  • alfano


  • beebop

    vive ayachi qui file 50 euros par trick. L.

  • flowskate

    steve go home? wtf are you on about?>]

    swain is crazy good,.
    you need shut up and watch,.

    flawless spins sick tech grinds and the likes.

    All round sickness.
    so yeah

    silence yoru gayness