Film by Carl Sturgess: Full Video

film by carl sturgess

quoting Rollingvideos:

The first full length video from Carl Sturgess, and what a first effort it is. You get TWO Jeff Stockwell profiles, an Iain Mcleod section, as well as a first look at Mikey Marquez and Scott Ledinski.

Skating from Chris Haffey, Brandon Campbell, Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Connor O’Brien, Don Bambrick, Colin Mcleod, and many others. Definitely a DVD to check out for super high quality filming, great editing, and great music selection.

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  • Kelly


  • etoth

    yeah Film is one of my favorites, like demodé and killerboots…

  • honza h.

    the best video ( film ) i have ever seen !

  • rollerblading is gay

    it changed cause more whiney homos got into it. hahahhaa

  • Peter

    I haven’t seen Stockwell skating this aggressive since then… he’s two sections are like twice as good as Mcleod’s, but on the other hand I think Iain has progressed to become the better of them two.

  • ez taco1

    so much better than all that mushroom blading crap thats been on here lately

  • http://... why??

    i dont like these clips.

  • Dirty Lakeshore

    stockwell in his prime! great vid

  • Fred Castro


    Wooooorddd! What the hell happened?

  • Danielson

    This is the only time that Ive ever really been impressed by stockwell. I know alot of you guys love your Xsjados, but I think both him and Farmer have significantly regressed since they’ve been on the “birken blades” Yes their style is nicer now…. but the actual tricks just don’t compare. But it’s not just just the Xsjado guys… Almost all the legends are only “shadows” of what they were. Farmer, Stockwell, Broskow, Shima, and Murda are ALL past their prime. I know, I know… theyve all put in their dues, but we have to stop treating them like they are the elite, when the fact is, that they really cant compete with alot of the “up and comers” of today. These guys are legends, but its time to build brands and videos around the new generation. But atleast Haffey and Aragon are still KILLING IT. I hope that continues for afew years

  • Danielson

    BTW… I agree with etoth…. Kilerboots was a GREAT vid. My alltime fave. The Shima section in killerboots is what I show to all the people that don’t respect blading. Almost everyone (including die-hard skateboarders) respects that section. I wish people still skated like that too… And I wish today’s vids could be as good as those ones were. Skaters were more well rounded back then, and practiced more aspects of skating, instead of grind after grind. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LOST ART OF CESS-SLIDING?

  • rollerblader

    stockwell most stylish skater

  • kiko

    Jeff Stockwell the god of the style

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Great sections. Timeless. What happened is as time goes by we rollers accumulate injuries and start to realize that we are not indestructable like we thought in our youth. A time comes in your rolling when you either quit or you decide your going to roll for as long as possible. You also realize that nobody outside of rolling cares if you do that drop rail or that roof gap. They just think your stupid and dont care about your body. What people do recognize is style, fluidity, and speed. Stockwell still has more of these than just about any skater out there.

  • george

    iain mcleod is technically unbelievable! so so good

  • silvestre

    carl you need to make your dissertation video, show all the new kids how its done

  • colin mcleod

    I loved this film. Not cause i’m in it, but this is the way we love to skate. Carl is a great film maker, and he is now making films for Microsoft programs and intense things. Skating like this still exists, you just got to go out and find the people that still skate hard!!!

  • colin mcleod

    One random fact: In the intro, when Connor O’Brien is doing back fastslide and 540 back royal, that’s Jamie Thomas and Chad Muska (pro skateboarders) taking pictures with there camera. Pretty cool to think about at the time! Thought I’d share.

  • Tom LiPani

    wheres ur section colin?

  • danny

    what song in jeff section?