Few Tricks with Julien Cudot (2015) by The Grind Co.

Few Tricks with Julien Cudot (2015) by The Grind Co.

Julien Cudot, testing a new park in Paris (France).
Filmed by John Reyes, edited by Pierre Saporta.

Previously: Julien Cudot: The Ridz (2015) by Thomas Bouleau.

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  • Sydney Croquette

    C’est où?

    • Valentin Tuil

      Paris Porte d’Orlean

  • Mister 25

    nice !!!

    Fuck vimeo by the way no more HD if you re not on their website, fuck it !

    • Kaig Thris

      I guess the hd thingie is a bug, vimeo is currently working/testing his new interface.

      • Mister 25

        I think/hope so because some of them still have hd out of vimeo others dont, maybe its up to teh uploader to choose if there is or not hd out of vimeo.

      • Kaig Thris

        I truly think it’s a bug, if not people will probably all migrate to youtube


    C’est un beau lifting de park par rapport à ce que c’était. Cool, une idée de spot tranquille pour la saison hivernale qui approche.