Sammy Chase: Fester Wheels AM (2013) Edit

Fester Wheels AM: Sammy Chase

Previously: Sammy Chase, Tough Stuff Profile (2010).

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  • d

    wow really really REALLY nice edit actually : ) Music, skating, shooting and style all on point ! BAM ! Fester <— fuk yah

  • kaspaaaahhh

    yerrrrrrr really fukin sick !

  • Smith Bobby

    Mehhhhhhhhh .. ees okkkk

  • Mother. Fucker.

    this dude gets it! he’s got skillful feet…you can see farmer/latimer/feinberg influences…i wouldn’t be surprised

  • Anonymous

    no tough stuff anymore… :'(

  • Doug Cupo

    That was PRIME! sooo gnar…great style too!

  • Anonymous

    Joey’s little bro has been getting so good at blading.

  • Hoax34

    Sick, though for some reason the song was really distracting…even though I liked it?! Go figure…

  • Anonymous

    really rad. enjoyed it.

  • Travis Rhodes

    Hell Yea Sammy! That was dope.

  • ChrisBray

    Great! I’m a demon and I love rock n roll. Fester is beast! Chase brothers are a good example of what rolling really is.

  • CoCo

    Have my babies Mr. Chase?

  • charlie aka the wild card

    ehhhh advanced soaps, sport is a joke

  • charlie aka the wild card

    travis is tite doe

  • con bk

    learn to spin! u had no hard trix other then jumpin thro a bush to tru top porn (lmfao u didnt even jump over the bush u went thro it)

  • pro boot

    if rollerblading is not ESPN, its a fair game….i am a artist.

  • Anonymous

    Oh im sorry was that an edit ?

  • Anonymous

    Nice edit but please stop starting edits with falls peeps, it’s getting old.

  • seanpquinn




  • kaspaaaahhh

    con bk go fuk ur self u dumb fuck !!!

  • truth

    wow that was great! very refreshing from all the other vids on this site!

  • con bk

    only pussys forward gaps!!!!! PUSSY!!!

  • Adrian Scoseria

    that was dope man…never knew joey had a little bro

  • boss man

    @con bk ….the impact is way stronger you dumb fuck! thats y u always see fakie 720 than regular 720!!! u stupid fucken kid! good shit ^ Adrian Scoseria says it. i never knew joey had a lil brother. keep it up. NY representing

  • Adam

    Damn that was fresh!

  • Anonymous

    Chase brothers? More like Joey. Fester is dope, but this edit was boring as shit.