Fester: Nick Wood & Matt Ledoux Pro Wheels

Nick Wood, Fester Pro Wheel

Fester: Nick Wood Pro Wheels
now all you need is Crap Bearings

Mathieu Ledoux, Fester Pro Wheel

Fester: Mathieu Ledoux Pro Wheels

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43 Responses to “Fester: Nick Wood & Matt Ledoux Pro Wheels”

  1. hmm Says:

    Little bit gay!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nick Wood’s coming out!

  3. jeff Says:

    knowing the Woodster thats probably a picture of his real ass hole with a filter over it. Just so he could get a kick out of mooning all of us.

  4. pete Says:

    aww cmon thats just gross

  5. vitriol Says:

    Shit! You are bound to put some Crap bearings in that hole!!

  6. lol Says:

    …straight up goatse.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    now all you need is Crap Bearings

  8. NYCrep Says:

    I believe that is the Woodster’s first wheel. its been along time coming. alot of newer unknown skaters get pro wheels and no one even knows who they are. We all definitely have known Nick Wood for a long time now. well deserved

  9. NYCrep Says:

    and yes Crap bearings should collaborate with nick on this one. I’m sure he could come up with something hilarious.

  10. dah Says:

    Why would I want a picture of a dude stretching his ass hole on my wheels? I like Nick, but I’m never gonna rock that and I doubt enough people share the Woodster’s out there sense of humor to actually have a market for that.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    How is Nick Wood pro?

  12. Josh Says:

    Everyone who moans about nick’s picture….Do you actually buy wheels based on their picture? Rather than say, there performance or size or hardness or even who they support?

    Sometimes people need some perspective, it’s just wicked to see both these guys getting some rep for once

  13. fuck you all Says:

    hell yea nick wood finally came out. how cute

  14. Anonymous Says:

    rollerblading must be gay as everyone is obssessed with butt-holes. sad sad days for bladin’

  15. dude Says:

    anybody who thinks this is gay , is most likely gay and doesn’t know it, it’s called adult humor, live a little damn.

  16. tillet Says:

    A shit picture of some guy spreading his brown eye isn’t adult humor.
    If anything, it’s the kind of humor you would find with kids around 10.
    How exactly is liking that picture ‘living a little’?

    There are plenty of wheels on the market that are the same size and hardness as this wheel that don’t have a stupid picture.. I think most people will support the other wheels.
    Just because you get an idea, doesn’t mean it should be realized.

  17. woodster rules Says:

    I cant wait to buy these and finger nicks butt hole

  18. Lay Phyu Says:

    Woah Mathieu Ledoux looks so weird in that photo with his wheel. Never knew he was a smoker!!

    Nick wood is a lot better than most pros anyways (eg He is better than Don Bambrick, Dom Sagona and Louie Zamora), ive seen him lay hammers in fester edits. More than this ‘im 2 scared to jump to a rail yet so i’ll just grind the bottom part and make it a new style’ kinda thing.

    Plus is the case made out of wood? who made it? im guessing Nick wood did? he is a carpenter isn’t he? (not just the last name).

  19. dah Says:

    I usually buy based on quality, color and price.
    You won’t get me to buy a wheel just because it has a super cool picture. However, I now realize it is possible to make me not buy a wheel because of a really stupid picture.
    Like I said earlier, I think nick is the shit and wish Fester all the luck in the world, but I gotta keep it real.

  20. RAP Says:

    That is not Mathieu Ledoux in the pic; that’s Damian Wilson.

  21. the Truth Says:

    why would anyone buy a Fester wheel? especially one with a guy’s ass who isn’t even a very good skater?

  22. YI Yiiiiii Says:

    Is Mathieu about to start throwing down? On with a frame company, got a wheel, rocking SSM’s consistently… Please tell me he is about to start laying it down on the regular.

  23. Leon // Shop-Task Says:

    That’s sick finally a Ledoux wheel, about time. I am exited to try them out, heard a lot of good thing about Fester wheels from everyone that tried them.

    Anyway, Congratulation Mr. Matt Ledoux, we (Canadians) are very proud of you.

  24. the one you dont wanna know Says:

    hahah so sick, finally a company that doesnt take shit to serious. you little cunts dont even know who santee is. i love this wheel, fucking awesome. and yes good call on the crap bearings haha yes

  25. Gigo Says:

    The people are asshole…. I like theese wheels becouse i have a little bit of humor. The reaction of a lot of people when see theese wheels is look like the reaction of Hitler when he saw a homosexsual couple.

  26. dah Says:

    “YI Yiiiiii Says:
    February 24th, 2012 at 4:32 am

    Is Mathieu about to start throwing down? On with a frame company, got a wheel, rocking SSM’s consistently… Please tell me he is about to start laying it down on the regular.”

    Don’t hold your breath. He allowed someone else to put his name on a wheel, but he doesn’t care enough to even get his own picture taken for its big release.
    I would love to see him spend more time on blades, but I have a feeling he’s got a lot of other shit going on that more of a priority

  27. hmm Says:

    because its wrong dumbass

  28. Anonymous Says:

    ce du pousse caca

  29. LadbrokeGroove Says:

    2 Guys 1 Cup. Hey Nick I’ll spread my cheeks for you if you give me a set of wheels for free

  30. Anonymous Says:

    If we ever needed proof of the age of the kids who comment on here, then here it is…..”Urgh that’s gay”. That is the typical reaction of a pre-pubescent child. It’s a wheel graffic which will rub off in a few sessions. You choose a wheel based on the size, hardness and quality of urethrane (maybe the colour).

  31. got to love woodster Says:

    Nick is getting exactly what he wants right now. he could give a shit what you think thats the point of the wheel. he just wants too get a rise out of people. think about it when did a wheel graphic get this much attention. nick knows exactly what he is doing.

  32. got to love woodster Says:

    people will remember that wheel way longer than any BHC, UC, genre, ect wheel. that wheel will go down in our history like roadhouse’s craola’s.

  33. hmm Says:

    I don’t really care about this guy or his wheel, maybe it is gay maybe its part of the Santee crews crude and crazy style. If you are gay by all means do your shit out of my sight. But there are some subversive and some less subversive pro gay comments and personally I think that shits disgusting. It is also a by product of having your head up your ass in a figurative sense.

  34. plasticmaiden Says:

    nick`s wheel is fuckin epic!!!

  35. britty Says:

    best wheel graphic ever!!!!. but i do understand it is a love it or hate it thing. the Woodster has got love all around the world and especially here in UK. he is the skater that doesn’t have to do amazing tricks to make you happy about skating.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    shit is awesome fuck all you homophobic pussy’s “eww thats a butt” bunch of little bitches

  37. Down unda Says:

    The infomous Woodster strikes again. Got to hand it to the guy he has consistently been a crazy fuck both on and off his blades going into his third decade now. long live the Wood

  38. Anonymous Says:

    woodster is funny

  39. jonathan Says:

    so is nick wood gay?

  40. bladder bob Says:

    i think if nick was gay he would show video of him fucking his boyfriend or something super gay just to piss all you rollernews fags off more.

  41. hmm Says:

    Why are you queers getting so butthurt over this?

  42. the truth Says:

    hahahah nobody noticed that it’s not mathieu ledoux, its damian wilson

    Here is the most useless duo in the game !

  43. bladder gang Says:

    love the woodster