Eyes on the Prize Tour: Kingdom Mag, Edit (2009)

November 2009 Repost.

Eyes on the Prize Tour

Quoting Adam Kola:

As usual it rained all week on the Conference Eyes on the Prize Tour, but this is what i was able to capture when not photographing.

This edit consists of 3 tour stops, the boardroom in Leicester in conjunction with Born Extreme skate shop, Slamm Jamm and an appearance at Proline skates shop in Cardiff.

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40 Responses to “Eyes on the Prize Tour: Kingdom Mag, Edit (2009)”

  1. roll4life Says:

    i want your babies matty

  2. roll4life Says:

    or Kola… whatever. that was great

  3. hippie Says:

    whats the song called?

  4. Andoryuu Says:

    It’s so weird seeing people skate the spot I found with Nate less than 2 years ago. How come there’s no footage of the long ass ledge that goes out over the little set of steps?

  5. Angel Says:

    is there any edit about the stop in berlin? i mean that was like the main event on the tour wanst it?

  6. valo ab1 Says:

    stockwell farmer demetrious always on the top

  7. Dom Seven Says:

    Yeah Stockwell is the Man

  8. Joe Says:

    that was all Kola

  9. LINE Says:

    Let It Never End

  10. XsjadoLife Says:

    Cool edit.. Those new stockwells look hot..

  11. Demetrios George Says:

    Kola pullin through with the hot edit.. Thanks for posting that up man.. UK scene always a good memory.. Soon I’ll be back and we’ll handle some business.. No more hospital visits… ;)

  12. Jake Says:

    That edit was fire. I am loving those yellow thrones.

  13. Controlled Accidents Says:

    Sweet Job Adam. Farmer BS cess to soul was mosthotness ghandi levels. Feelin the eclectic mix of bladers.

  14. rob Says:

    i love the fact that the pros comment on and read the videos, makes us feel like a proper ungerground community..

    which i suppose we are, we want more footage of this dude, even if its not the same standards….

  15. dominic sagona Says:

    farmer – absolutely filthy

  16. bballog Says:

    farmer getting down

  17. ben Says:

    stockwell is BACK!!!!

  18. Joe Says:

    you just miss the bushweed D!

  19. ADR Says:

    wow since the Vibralux skatepark edit, I’m just so impressed by his skillz and capacities … hope to see more and more !!

  20. al pacc Says:

    Dope song!!!!!!!!
    Whats the name please??

  21. nasty Says:

    I think that the Albert Hoi the people not know who is he, besides no havent level for pro model.

  22. Andoryuu Says:

    If people don’t know who Hooi is it’s because they’re not really rollerbladers.
    He won two IMYTA’s that’s enough to know the man, I’m not even getting into everything else he’s done, maybe Outsiders though because his section was amazing!

  23. Swine Flue Says:

    Thx for making an edit that makes me go skating .. thank you skaters in the video for beeing really good haha. I like these guys .. absolutley crazy!

  24. abel Says:

    Man Al Hooi is a beast such a good technical skater. If you don’t know who he is you are definitely living under a rock. I loved this edit and i cant wait to see more for everyone in it…especially farmer, hooi and stockwell

  25. roller Says:

    albert hooi is the man,best style and skills,plus how dont people know him,i mean hes fuckin famous as far as rollerbladng goes,

    ALBERT for prez!!!!!

  26. Im sorry but... Says:

    …it was a bit short for an edit of the entire tour, great skating, though obviously it was going to be with such stylish+hardcore skaters

  27. dominic sagona Says:

    Im sorry but… Says:
    …it was a bit short for an edit of the entire tour, great skating, though obviously it was going to be with such stylish+hardcore skaters

    its just the edit for the uk stop. there have been other edits for this tour online already. also remember, that everything that is filmed and photographed on tour isn’t thrown into online edits. some clips and photos are saved for other projects. :)

  28. ADR Says:

    yeah so true. even the few edits are good…so sure that many other hot tricks are waiting their turn …

  29. Vince Zywczak Says:

    Farmer is fucking incredible, switch cess to switch ao fish???? the fuck, seriously

  30. jum Says:

    new USD tour dvd??? (this time conference dvd) oh please!

  31. mitchell Says:

    loved it.
    Stockwell and farmer are beasts

  32. ieuan Says:

    The ledges in cardiff are right next to me hahaha their sick :D but im just wondering why they didnt to the long as one instead :) mabey a good reason like tired from all the traveling or summink but eny way this section is sick !

  33. ixixi Says:


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  34. andreas542 Says:

    Sick shit, just wish I’d known about the Bristol stop, I’d have been there for sure.

  35. Sparro Says:

    Oh shit, that song IS by Two Gallants, could recognize that voice from anywhere, just couldn’t find the song!

    Song is: Two Gallants – Dyin’ Crapshooter Blues

  36. dickydamage Says:

    sickness… i need a set of those ugly yellow thrones!!!!

  37. Stephen Says:

    They didnt skate the long ledge cos it wasnt waxed and lets face it 7 pm isnt the best time to spend an hour or so waxing that shit. Plus wagamas was calling so we headed for some food instead.

    Its funny the comment about finding the ledge 2 years ago. The edits over 2 years old.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Doesn’t feel 3 years olds

  39. stephen Says:

    oh actually im a retart that comment was over two years old aswell im going to buy a scooter anybody got andy from rzrs number?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    More and more repost on Rollernews… Is this a bad sign?