Evolution Skatepark, Scotland

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evolution skatepark scotland

Located in the south-west of Scotland, half an hour outside of Glasgow, Evolution Skatepark in Stevenson is rapidly becoming one of Britain’s finest outdoor skate facilities.

With the pending addition of an entire building to cover the park to follow in the near future, Evolution is soon to become one of the few indoor concrete parks in the world. This means that this incredible facility will no longer fall victim to the merciless Scottish weather

evolution skatepark scotland


The park boasts a ridiculous amount of features, including 3 bowls linked with spines, several quarter bowls, vert walls, banks, launch boxes, ledges and an ever expanding arsenal of grind rails in varying height and length.

However, the facility in constantly expanding and within the next twelve months will see the addition of a vert ramp, street section and wooden transitions, including a foam pit once the park is covered with a roof.

evolution skatepark scotland


Evolution Skatepark was originally the brain-child of the NASG (North Ayrshire Skate Group) and with the help of funding from North Ayrshire Council, Children In Need, Sport Scotland and various other sponsors, the park officially opened on the 30th of July, 2005 with a skate jam featuring live bands, djs, stalls, and a best trick competition which local pro Chaz Sands attended.

Since then, Evolution Skatepark has held many events including skate partys, barbecues and even organised trips to other parks across the country in order to build a community of extreme sports rather than separating them into isolated cliques.

Despite much scepticism aimed at the park upon its opening, the local community have come to view the latest addition to their landscape as a positive influence on the youth culture in the area and it has also helped to legitimise otherwise frowned upon alternative sports. This is due to the strict running of the park, which prevents any opportunity for vandalism, violence or any other form of illegal or delinquent activity.


NASG are so committed to maintaining a safe environment for young people eager to participate in extreme sports that several measures have been taken to ensure the park remains a safe haven for its visitors. There is a perimeter fence, security cameras and an alarm system protecting the facility so that no one can break into or graffiti the park outside opening hours.

There are always at least two members of staff who are trained in first aid who are there to supervise all activities within the park to ensure there is no fighting or consumption of alcohol or drugs. This means parents can feel comfortable leaving younger children at the park for an afternoon while they attend to their daily tasks.


The park is open from 10am til 10pm seven days a week with flood lights for those late winter sessions. There is a cafe selling snacks, hot food and drinks. Also, the park has its own shop selling skates, boards, bmxs and all the essential spare parts. So in the unfortunate event of something breaking, they have everything you need to get you up and rolling again.

Entry to the park is ONLY £1 FOR AN ENTIRE DAY for non-members and ONLY 20 PENCE FOR AN ENTIRE DAY for members. That makes Evolution Skatepark one of the cheapest supervised skate parks in the world and this will never change as it is a non-profit facility. It’s cheap, it’s safe, the obstacles are infinite and the park is a regular haunt for pro skaters Chaz Sands and Joey Egan. What more reasons could you possibly need to visit?

More infos

Address : Saltcoats Road, Stevenson. (next to Harvies leisure centre)
Web : www.evolutionskatepark.org
Phone : 01294 607799

Thanks to David McNamara for the informations.

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    I’m goin’…….

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    wow. i want to live near it. looks great.

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    fudge me!!! I lived nearby there for more than half a year….and NOW they’ve built something? I’ll have to go back there sometime.

  • CTroller

    How come Scotland has a better skatepark than anywere around me

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    looks like a sick park!!!

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    Yip, Scotland has its fair share of good parks now
    Well worth making the trip :-)

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    sick i am going to go there soon

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    lol its SHITE! i hate the cunt who owns it son is a wee fat piggy bastard.

  • scotland 4 life

    i live in dumfries n our parks good except 4 the square rails yes skateboarders designed it n am takin the trip up one day STRAIGHT UP GANGSTA

  • thompson repin shimas

    i love dumfries park i want to go bak and c a round rail but i wont happen. i’m gonna have to go skate that park aswell but it will cost abit cummin from workington in cumbria

  • http://www.evolutionskatepark.org Evolution Skate Park

    Dear Shizzle

    Glad you like the park, we will make sure that anyone overweight with no father will be excluded from the park. IM sure you are the type of person who is never happy with any park ,of the thousands of skaters who have visited the park there is always one with a way with words like yourself. At the end of the day we are both the same im sure you spent every minute of your life for the last 5 years building a skate park. Thank for your nice comments im sure everyone will be interested. Not (you Plonker)

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    thers nowt wrong wae fat ppl rite shizzle u fanny am gana kik d crap out o u

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    hahah i didnt like it either. im happy with a park with a decent street section. which you’re park has not.

  • http://dis1 DazzlerMTB

    Looks like a great park, but i was wondering if you can take Mountainbikes into it? Or is it only BMX..

  • Legal Department

    You’re using our aerial photo of the Evolution Skatepark illegally and without permission.

    To avoid prosecution and the possible closure of your website you must remove it from public view immediately.

    All thieves deserve to be prosecuted as the owners of that park found out in court not too long ago.

    I know it’s hard for you, but try to grow up.

  • http://www.skateboardscotland.com Edskates

    Edinburgh Skatepark Needs your Help!

    You may or may not know the length of time that Edinburgh skateboarders have been campaigning to get a concrete skatepark built but has been a long struggle surpassing at least a decade which has involved several people and several hundred hours of effort.

    A new application is currently going through the council planning department for the skatepark to get built in the city’s Saughton Park. This application available for viewing and for people to add their comments.

    This is where we are asking for your support so we can finally get this park built.
    You can offer support by accessing this link.

    This will open the planning application. In the top left of this window, there is a button labelled Submit Comments, this will open a form where you can add your details, lend your support and add any comments to support the application.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 07 October 2008 )

  • http://www.evolution.site88.net robert paterson


    Just an update from the park. We now have a brand new half size olympic bmx track which is open to bmx, suspension and mountain bikes.

    Also we are planning a new indoor park which will hopefully include trampolines, foam pits and a climbing wall.

    If you have any requests or ideas for things you would like added to the park please feel free to contact us.

    http://www.evolutionskatepark.co.uk or


  • Bovnesh Recomni

    This skate park is awesome. ive only been there once but im definatly going back. this people their are really nice and helpful.

    thankyou all.

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    what a sick park

    so gid i would live in the verymiddle of the park

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    not my stile for me and ma pro buddies

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    can you ride bmx here