European Championships Halfpipe 2013: Full Results

European Championships Halfpipe 2013

  1. Otto Bolanos (COL)
  2. Rich Parker (GBR)
  3. Nicolas Mougin (FRA)
  4. Nel Martin (ESP)
  5. Roel Fritz (NED)
  6. Davide Gionanni (ITA)
  7. Daan Hammerstein (NED)
  8. Kiro Trayanov (BUL)
  9. Alex Eastwood (GBR)
  10. Rob Parker (GBR)
  11. Kristian Uhre (DEN)
  12. Bart Visser (NED)
  13. Boris Grozev (BUL)
  14. Alexanddre Lee (NED)
  15. Suyanto Ten Foei (NED)
  16. Douglas (GBR) – hurt

Rich Parker (GBR) is the new European Champion ahead of Nicolas Mougin and Nel Martin (ESP).

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