Eugen Enin: USD Pro, 2015 Edit

USD proudly introduces its newest edition to the pro team for 2015: A warm welcome to Eugen Enin!

Eugen Enin: USD Pro, 2015 Edit

Europe’s finest tech machinery teamed up with his brother Daniel to create a proper introduction file for his 2015 Pro announcement. Dropping countless Borklyn Zoo edits, tons of full lengths street files, tour appearances and being as blade internet omnipresent as it gets, it was long overdue!


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  • Diaz

    Well.. That was ill.

  • Zack Debaize

    Congrats !! What a ninja.

  • Mike Way


  • Gideon Gordon Graves

    Amazing spots, amazing skater, and amazing filming! Well deserved & long over due!

  • Jens Küfner

    Jürgen ist der beste! fuck yes.

  • Marian Sorge

    not sure what to say to this…how about: whooop whooop!

  • rol247

    the tits

  • Jose Fuentes

    That last trick!

  • Mob Rolla

    Tech tech tech new style insane always love watching this dude blade. Takes blading to a new level. Keep shredding eugen! U the shit! Well deserved!

  • Henry Jackson Janes

    That shit was so hot I think my screen just set on fire…

  • Sean Patrick Quinn


  • Franswa R-k


  • Till Deleuze

    That made my noodle shrink! …and than roll out again!
    thank you

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    One of my fav bladers

  • Roberts Pundurs

    Stay healthy, Eugen! Edit is on fire, congrats for becoming USD pro!