Eugen Enin: Spring Profile

Eugen Enin: Spring Profile

First, we wanted to use the leftovers from 2011. But then we filmed a lot of spring clips.

So I decided to upload it as a little gift to myself. This time i don’t want to film only hammers… I wanted to show another perspective of my skating. Thanks to the filmers and the MFCC.

Eugen Enin: More Media. Photo.

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  • TJ

    beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast! fuck we outtoo heereeee join blader gangbang

  • pom

    great skating man…. period.

  • baztill

    sorry was’nt looking at his arms or like some homo was too busy concentrating on the skating he killed it. anyone hating on that probably turns up to a skate spot with an acoustic guitar and waistcoat.

  • Doug Cupo

    Damn that was incredible

  • Pstewart

    That was so fucking good….ive never heard of this guy before. I was really surprised and impressed.

  • Dan-Man

    that was fucking top notch!

    some of the illest techest skating i’ve seen in a while!

  • Ben Harmanus

    Honestly…that was amazing. I can see tech skating, I can see creativity…high5. Dave Mutschall told me about you, but I had no idea. Best wishes from Berlin, keep rolling and send a message whenever you come to Berlin so we can have a session. It’s really good to see some fresh next gen German :).

  • J.Wilcox

    that was incredible, don’t know how anyone could hate on that

  • Kev

    Amazing! Who fucking cares about his arms ya twats!!

  • kirk

    half way through watching this… i was like who is this guy? hes friggin good.

    keep it up man! props!

  • Anonymous

    I guarantee that most people dissing this dude are American skaters shitting their pants, only now just realising they let it slip.

  • filip

    im in shock that anyone who has ever bladed is hating on this profile. hes doing tricks that are unheard of and making it look easy on top of that. you ridiculous petty nitpicky ass haters make me want to puke

  • J

    Damn you got some switchups…but you dress like a hipster from the 70s so it kinda kills it

  • mrbane

    GREAT Edit. Haters- you all look so dumb. Fo’ Real

  • ahmayzed

    … I was flashed… very good skating, nice smooth trick. Please throw away your pink hat and that laces in your jeans… everything else was nice

    you don t need that hipster, fancy mancy shit ;D