Eugen Enin: Spring Profile

Eugen Enin: Spring Profile

First, we wanted to use the leftovers from 2011. But then we filmed a lot of spring clips.

So I decided to upload it as a little gift to myself. This time i don’t want to film only hammers… I wanted to show another perspective of my skating. Thanks to the filmers and the MFCC.

Eugen Enin: More Media. Photo.

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65 Responses to “Eugen Enin: Spring Profile”

  1. Nh Says:

    Man! USD send this kid on tour right now! Every online edit is point on, this was no exception. The world needs to see more of Eugen!

  2. hässlich Says:

    damn, never saw such an ugly skater from germany! no style, always celebrate his hown skating and what the fuck is that whit his laces for his pants?! dayum! please quit rollerblading. we need more skaters like jbah and erik rodrigez! we outta hera mithefucker!

  3. Nh² Says:

    My personal idol

  4. anonymus Says:

    what the fuck is he doing with his hands ?

  5. Diaz Says:

    Man, that was awesome.

    We can see, straight by watching you skate, that you have huge talent and an enormous potential for a future career in inline skate, plus you don’t forget to have fun.

    Just one criticism, and that’s one sad thing we are seeing quite a lot these day, stop that shit with your arms when landing your tricks, really. I don’t think it’s just me being too critical, it didn’t look cool on the kelso brothers when they were smashing street spots 6 years ago, and it won’t be different with you now. You’ve got your own personal style already, which is not frequent for skaters your age, and looks already clean and stylish as fuck, why would you try to add unnatural movements to it ?!!

    Anyway, don’t stop putting out edits like this one, the skating along with the editing were exactly what I am expecting from the new generation of skaters : style, skill, creativity and (positive) surprise.


  6. anonymus Says:

    he is uglyer than Iain Mcleod …

  7. ... Says:

    It’s about skating. Are we on a beauty contest? times remains factual. and no one can say that he goes bad, he is so good and still very young! you’re jealous motherfuckers !!!

  8. brown Says:

    i don’t like his style

    song is gay…thats propably the reason why other people think rollerblading is gayYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYyYYYY

  9. Diaz Says:

    Oh and @Hässlich, if you’re not being sarcastic, did you really use the name of Erik Rodrigez to define what inline is needing ?!

  10. Nh Says:


  11. mooooooooooo Says:

    wow…………. an overdose of awesomeness!! :D
    too much highlights!

  12. Anonymous Says:


  13. Rob Says:

    Free online edit?! Man that was one of the most inspirational edits I’ve seen for a while! This profile is absolutely stunning!!!

    Few words to describe:
    * unique style – some mix of best world riders, but not copy of one particular
    * huge trick vocab.. just HUGE
    * no hammers? I would describe some of seen as hammer..

    Somehow it looks like you are more comfortable one the rails and curbs than you are on ground. At first it looked so weird but as it repeated more and more, I started to look at it different- as your own style.

    This edit made my day and what a good way to end this weekend. Thank you and look forward to see more of you in the future. Hopefully USD will find a place for you in the team one day. Keep rocking!

  14. Trill Bill Says:

    Holy Cow.

    This guy is incredible.

    Maybe I just stink at skating but some of those switchups I rewound twice.

  15. pac Says:

    crusty old man ! HAHAHA

  16. SA ROLLER Says:

    that was insane, this dude is so good! Keep the edits coming.

    All the haters, keep your opinions to yourself, they dont help rollerblading grow or have any benefit to what we do.

  17. boom Says:

    run usd shirt…..dope to see it produced…my boy anthony williams came up with that shit!!! hope he got paid for it..and not just riped off like all the other companys do

  18. db Says:


    style over tricks anyday. look at the stand up topsoul HAHAAH. nice shoelace belt

  19. Aleksandar Kikirkovski Says:

    INSPIRE ! _________________________________________

  20. haha Says:

    calm down, eugen knows i was just being sarcastic

  21. lol Says:

    Wow some real ghey bois on this forum talking about his lace belt and how ugly he is… guy got tricks who cares his arms are in the air. wheres your edits at?

  22. felix Says:

    crazy good skating, and he really get’s better in every edit he posted!

  23. Laurens Says:

    Wow, really good skating!!!

  24. S.K Says:

    SONG plz !!!!!!!!!

  25. >:) Says:

    absolutely fucking killed it. wow.

  26. iPog Says:

    Watched it three times already. That was bloody good! Some of those spots looked incredible as well. Keep ‘em coming!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Why would he get paid for run USD when it’s clearly stolen from run DMC. That idea was worth around a nickel

  28. flowskate Says:

    look at his fashion!WAAAA its not swag enough…WE OUT HERRREE WAAAA! WEREE GAYYYYYYY!
    fuck you guys. Watch that edit…Note the switch ups..
    yeah watch it again…The style isnt that bad at all and he’s a killer style comes with age and he already has bags of it on alot of his tricks he is obviously just hyped when he is landing!

    So sick future right there.

    Anyone hating on this edit is just proof of why we are such a niche sport in a little bubble. How can we promote skating when its hated from the inside out.

    Fucking skating needs more rodriguez? YEAH???

    you sure?
    Im pretty sure skating needs more badass new blood pushing it hard and doing switch ups that no one has ever seen and pushing the sport.

    Nice work man props from the UK

  29. Dj Says:

    This should be one of the best edits of this year; that was absolutley ridiculous; he reverted a trick to true fish; wtf happened at 1:41 .. he fucking beasted

  30. JsameM Says:

    how could you possibly talk shit on this. dude did some fucking hard ass tricks in this edit.
    props dude you killed it.
    hateans gon hate

  31. Fearghal Says:

    Holy shit, that was fucking sick!

  32. Gourski Says:

    DOPE! Love this one!

  33. Aaron Says:

    Our American pros often go on tour in Europe. It’s about time that European and Australian skaters go on tour in America – I really think we could need some fresh inspiration. Euros and Aussies have been thriving the last two years, I mean seriously, I’ve been in the blading game for 15+ years and before it was simply inconceivable to think that Europe would get so many top notch skaters in such a short time. Same with Australia. I think we could need some of that vitalization… instead of just bashing everything that doesn’t come out of our country.

    Eisler is Canadian, Wellsmore Australian, Nils Janson Latvian, this guy is German, we got all the French badass skaters also, Soichiro is Japanese and there’s also that Woraj dude in Thailand. And to be honest, I think those skaters are defining rollerblading 2012 more than our American skaters.

  34. Buzz Says:

    Same skater. This edit has a lot of leftovers from that previous edit.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    there is much better shit in germany aaron
    i m talking about REAL shit
    sorry eugin still to much!
    i dont hate this but he needs to get older and find his own style!
    i mean style-flow not push style out
    getting style is about how you do it is how you do it you got this

  36. Anthony Maik Says:

    awsome foot work dude

  37. Adrian Scoseria Says:

    now that was bad ass!!!! fuck u Iain mcleod haters!

  38. Anon Says:

    he uses the waiter’s arms to let you suckas know you just got served!!

  39. Anonymous Says:

    This guy reminds me of a sloppy, younger, Wojda/C. Kelso clone. He could be really really good with some time!

  40. Name Not Required Says:

    Fucking sick edit!

    Thanks for not using dub step!

  41. wow Says:

    Eisler is Canadian, Wellsmore Australian, Nils Janson Latvian, this guy is German, we got all the French badass skaters also, Soichiro is Japanese and there’s also that Woraj dude in Thailand. And to be honest, I think those skaters are defining rollerblading 2012 more than our American skaters.

    WORD!! Now if only the industry could understand this too!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    these spots are so awesome nice edit

  43. Anonymous Says:

    that 270 front torque to gap WTF!

  44. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Can’t remember the last time I said WTF out loud while watching an edit.
    This dude is absolutely amazing! Maybe after the 3rd time watching this I will be able to better comprehend some of those switchups. Wow, keep it up Eugen.

  45. Kevon "Biz" Thompson Says:

    This shit was seriously dope yo,
    he had some fire tricks in there,
    That front torque to top soul transfer 360 top soul, rewind out, on those red rails was CRAZY!!
    give this man some props on his skating. not the way he’s dressed.

  46. fuck the germans Says:

    fakest style ever.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    USD is overflowing with talent. I never heard of this guy but holy fuck he is sick. too many crazy tricks to mention. hope to see more!!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Good to have Homies on rn lol

  49. Zack D Says:

    Who cares bout what he does with his arms, he dosn’t affect his sick style in any way, or even, it makes his style look more legit, sicker. USD we go hard.

  50. Zack D Says:

    *IT dosn’t affect his sick style

  51. TJ Says:

    beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast! fuck we outtoo heereeee join blader gangbang

  52. pom Says:

    great skating man…. period.

  53. baztill Says:

    sorry was’nt looking at his arms or like some homo was too busy concentrating on the skating he killed it. anyone hating on that probably turns up to a skate spot with an acoustic guitar and waistcoat.

  54. Doug Cupo Says:

    Damn that was incredible

  55. Pstewart Says:

    That was so fucking good….ive never heard of this guy before. I was really surprised and impressed.

  56. Dan-Man Says:

    that was fucking top notch!

    some of the illest techest skating i’ve seen in a while!

  57. Ben Harmanus Says:

    Honestly…that was amazing. I can see tech skating, I can see creativity…high5. Dave Mutschall told me about you, but I had no idea. Best wishes from Berlin, keep rolling and send a message whenever you come to Berlin so we can have a session. It’s really good to see some fresh next gen German :).

  58. J.Wilcox Says:

    that was incredible, don’t know how anyone could hate on that

  59. Kev Says:

    Amazing! Who fucking cares about his arms ya twats!!

  60. kirk Says:

    half way through watching this… i was like who is this guy? hes friggin good.

    keep it up man! props!

  61. Anonymous Says:

    I guarantee that most people dissing this dude are American skaters shitting their pants, only now just realising they let it slip.

  62. filip Says:

    im in shock that anyone who has ever bladed is hating on this profile. hes doing tricks that are unheard of and making it look easy on top of that. you ridiculous petty nitpicky ass haters make me want to puke

  63. J Says:

    Damn you got some switchups…but you dress like a hipster from the 70s so it kinda kills it

  64. mrbane Says:

    GREAT Edit. Haters- you all look so dumb. Fo’ Real

  65. ahmayzed Says:

    … I was flashed… very good skating, nice smooth trick. Please throw away your pink hat and that laces in your jeans… everything else was nice

    you don t need that hipster, fancy mancy shit ;D