Eugen Enin (Germany): USD Shaolin Sessions (2015)

Filmed & edited by Daniel Enin. Additional filming by Martin Herber.

Eugen Enin (Germany): USD Shaolin Sessions (2015)

Previously: Borklyn Zoo (Germany): Seventeen (2015) with Eugen Enin & Joao Goncalves.

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  • Zack Debaize

    How is he still getting better ?! One of his best edits yet.

  • Kaig Thris

    The first song and the 2d anim you can see in the edit is from Samurai Champloo , amazing anime.

  • Mister 25

    Fuck me that was the craziest shit i ve seen in a long long time, my mind mind just got blown away !

    So much creativity, now everything will look oldschool !

  • Mister 25

    Clap clap.

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    Holy crap !!! This is what is means to be a pro blader !

    Half those tricks are impossible to do. That kink ??? How ?

  • Mark Weaver

    One of the best edits of the year… Perhaps the best now thinking of it… Dude should be pro for the amount of material he puts out then drops something like this, which is straight fire!

  • Marcus Lewis

    True Pro! This dude delivered on all fronts!!

  • MARC

    That was next level! Wowwww!

  • Siri Dometriax

    We especially liked the “Yeah Ho” section.

  • Kboos Mathieu

    Next level +1, thanks for this free edit, this is better than some VOD I bought!

  • Open Records

    Pure fire… one of the best, if not the best, edits I’ve seen this year. Big ups.

  • dasdas

    Fycking awesome. Worth comenting

  • RuemliBlader

    holy sh