Erik Stokley: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson


Erik Stokley went to something like 22 states with me for this part, not necessarily to skate or film, but half the time just to keep me sane and go on adventures.

It was fucking awesome to have so many great times and it shows in this part. – Adam Johnson.

Pariah, More Media: John Bolino | Alex Broskow (Slow-Mo) | Chris Farmer | Brian Freeman | Paul John | Montage 1 | Pro Montage & Credits | Trailer | Soundtrack | Grab Yo DickVisit

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  • Anonymous

    shit skater no wonder he stayed with you for so long NO BODY LIKES THIS GUY EXEPT YOU

  • Anonymous

    Why is there so much animosity on this site?

    This guys good – look forward to seeing more edits from him.

  • henk

  • Super Ted

    Sweet, has a little Dunkle feel to his section.

  • Anonymous

    Leggings aside I really enjoyed this section, but why is our industry full of sheep, a few big names go emo/rocker and the whole industry follows…….

  • wow

    Stokeley is more rock n roll than most of these poser pros. Dude makes blading look cool and I wish there was more media on him.

  • wow

    Oh, and his regardless section kicked ass!

  • damn

    He reminds me of Gabriel Hyden a little with that super steeze and rocker look.

  • Linus

    Dude fuckin rips!

  • yorch

    not his best section, i love him, but this was boring, too much gaps and wallrides

  • Anonymous

    very boring. typical philly bull shit

  • joel

    fuk u fuk u an fuk u ! fukin shitty comments from shitty people !

  • dbeer

    “too much gaps and wallrides”, beautiful grammar man. The last thing blading needs right now is more grinding in a section.

    This section is amazing and has a ton of diversity! Erik kills it

  • Doug Cupo

    awesome fucking section. SHREDWEISER!!!!