‘Entradding’: Barcelona 2012 by Daniel Rhodes

Barcelona 2012 by Daniel Rhodes

Steezing life with the crew in Barcelona (2012). Featuring Tom Sawyer, Jeremy Dalbis, Tomek Wiwatowski & more.

Song: A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation. Camera: Canon Rebel T3i.

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  • Matt C

    yeah Dukes!!

    look like a good time

  • yo


  • BWhat

    boom boom!!! shake the room!!!

  • http://www.bcnrollers.com BCN Rollers

    Barcelona is THE CITY!! :)

  • Manoch

    i like this edit, not that oh-my-god-skating, but it was alright. good stuff!

  • Anonymous

    As long as mum and dad will pay us filming material and holidays, we’ll have fun !!!

  • Zack D

    Fuck yea Tomek !

  • glack

    sick edit guys.

  • http://ionlyfuckspicks.com steezlhawk

    mad abz all ova

  • Anonymous

    one sandal + one rollerblade wit

  • OGhustla


  • 2R

    My favourite city by miles.

    but the worst barcelona edit that I’ve ever seen…

    3 of the most generic spots, and I had to endure a minute of them dancing like faggots at the start

  • Pupu

    Yeah dudes!
    And those dance moves were TIGHT!

  • Anonymous

    simple tricks with no style on generic spots, “Mum & Dad” should keep their money :)

  • Jezza

    Hahaha Vultrix! Gets me everytime

  • Anonymous

    good stuff fellas!

  • J Bah

    me Gusta

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  • hater

    I’ve never seen any of these spots. Ever.

    Glad to see they are having fun, but there’s more to the city than those spots.

  • Anonymous

    voltrix fo lyfe