Dylan Davis: Voodoo Show Section by Amir Amadi

Dylan Davis: Voodoo Show Section by Amir Amadi

Voodoo Show: released October 5, 2012.

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31 Responses to “Dylan Davis: Voodoo Show Section by Amir Amadi”

  1. Nigel Thornberry Says:

    Boss! Keep shred din

  2. Oprah... Says:

    fucking ellen degeneres on blades…

  3. og rollin Says:

    Lesbo forsure. Like how can you even wear that shi t you look like a fool. Cant even watch his skating and what I did watch wasnt good.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    good song, cool trick selection, liked the shorts, didn’t like the cross dissolves

  5. smoker Says:

    i still cant stand 4:3, its a disease and always has been. At any time

    Dylan is a boss, though

  6. Anonymous Says:

    People like him are the reason everyone calls us fags

  7. Anonymous Says:

    nice skating, but he looks fucked up . always drunk …..

  8. Blading Says:

    hole in his jeans

  9. Jordan Smith Says:

    Raw top notch stuff right there.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Good video to watch before class. Insane progression between this video and his YAH DOOD! part. I remember stumbling upon that a very long time ago and then seeing his name come up on the SYitF blog. The Haitian dudes kill it. Can’t wait for his next part.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Guess I payed attention to the people who comment on this site too much … had no idea Dylan could skate like that .. fucking boss

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Who wears short shorts?

  13. Luke Says:

    Skating was way tight! Love his “fucked up” style. He goes big AND tech! Got me pumped to go blade later on.

  14. Pro Bro Says:

    DD is toooooooooo damn good and fliming, music where on point.

    Backslide 360 out, clean style, tech with some stunts that where overly stunty…

  15. BallsDeep Says:

    I heard the Haitian crew have all gone there separate ways. I have it from a reliable source…they’ve fallen out over some money issues. Shame really, the mag was looking good and they were putting out some good edits. Never mind it’s only rollerblading everything flops eventually.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    sickkkkkkkkkk dudeeeeeeeee


    Too many people get distracted by the outerwear and fail to notice that Dylan throws down on the blades. He is definitely overlooked and surprises every time he’s in a session.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    a lot of that was killer. really liked it.

  19. flowskate Says:

    Really sick- as soon as i came to the comments i was waiting to see fashion police messages…and sure as shit there they are haha

  20. John Gantz Says:

    Amazing skating. Hahaha and I usually don’t look at the comments but I had to this time because I knew there would be plenty of fuckwads who would be saying shit about his style because they’re mad that they can’t skate and make it look cool like Dylan.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    dang. i didn’t know dude was so good.. this was fucking on point.

    also hes not the reason we look stupid. its people who try and look like him. this looks like just who he is. its when people aren’t being themselves . dudes being himself.

  22. dude Says:

    Fuckinnnnnng!!! Siiiiick!!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    What ! Hatian Mag is dead :(

    LAAAAAAME that was a good thing too. Oh well hopefully something comes out of it. Like each guy does their own thing…

  24. Anonymous Says:

    What is the song, please ?

  25. ronald Says:

    is anyone actually themselves?

    edit was boss like hog, you only wish you could pull off shorts like Double Dee.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Fucking awesome !!!!!

  27. Rewind Says:

    That was fucking excellent. So many tricks that I couldnt predict what he was going to do. immaculate style. perfect modern blading

  28. Anonymous Says:

    sooo coool video!!! enyone knows the name of the song!?

  29. White Trash Says:

    Song : Go Flamingo – In The Dark


  30. Anonymous Says:

    wierd ur switch half cab wallride was 3 times bigger then that reg one. i dont know why the reg was in there but dope section. makio transfer zero fish..perfect. i also dont want to see ur ass. theres not many girls watching this shit homie

  31. Psshhhh Says:

    You might as well just blade with a dildo in your mouth. Jesus. Please stop.