Dylan Davis & Nick Labarre: Pariah Profile

Dylan Davis & Nick Labarre: Pariah Profile

Song: MC5 – Looking at You.

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13 Responses to “Dylan Davis & Nick Labarre: Pariah Profile”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice, I wanna skate now

  2. hOTdOG Says:

    Sweet one! I wanna skate now too.

  3. Wayne Kerr Says:

    These guys are so fucking good and I have never heard of them. There is so many sick rollerbladers out there.

  4. Psouk Says:

    style and hammer tricks it’s was perfect

  5. Rewind Says:

    The future. Simple as. Best section in the video by far. Labarre is amazing

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Alors là !!
    Vraiment ça envoie du trèèès lourd
    It’s Hammer time !

  7. YahYoh Says:

    If somebody was beginning how to skate, let’s just say I wouldn’t choose Davis to be the one to give an example of what rollerblading should look like

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Dylan davis is dope, great edit

  9. Sandro Says:

    Best section 2012! Song and skating is perfect!

  10. saa Says:

    Chris Farmer handles a camera quite well.

  11. Slug Lord Says:


  12. Anonymous Says:

    dylan daves, them hands, them chimpanzee hands, he even looks like a monkey, he sucks. The other dude is pretty good though.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Dylan and Nick are fuckin shreeders, just check out the their Honey Baked sections. No doubt future of rollerblading, but not for bitter skaters longed for their idols from the past. Just look forward. This is dope game!