Dustin Latimer in Quality (2005)

Quoting Joey MCgarry (Mushroom Blading). 2013 Repost.

This is my favourite era of Dustin Latimer. Apart from Dion Antony and Jon Julio I don’t know of anyone who has such a relaxed confidence and finesse on wheeled shoes.

Dustin Latimer in Quality (2005)

I’ve always thought there should be a section of all this stuff online so I selfishly made one for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by.

Quality is an underrated DVD (by JB Snyder and Dustin Latimer). I hope this gets more people to check it out along with Latimer’s section in Lonnie Gallegos Feet (filmed in the same era). Special guest Sagona doing a wheelybird in Xsjados.

Music: Boards of Canada – everything you do is a balloon. Thanks Joey.

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  • Anonymous

    dl will forever be one of the best. no one did tricks as big as him back in the day… then once he slowed down, no one could fathom how weird and creative he got on the blades… true innovator to this sport.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    God of Rollerblading=Latimer Jesus of Rollerblading=Feinburg

  • Anom

    DL forever! God on rollerblades!
    Thanks for the edit!

  • Anonymous

    this was the first skate dvd i ever bought i always play it when im doing stuff in the house dope soundtrack too

  • Anonymous

    DL was one of the best skaters of all time, no doubt he was my hero… but his quality section was shockingly bad, hard to imagine this stiff-legged Ayatollah used to be the best skater….

  • xsjadomonkey

    i can’t believe there is not one negative comment!!!! there is hope for humanity!! :D :D

  • DAboos

    darth Vader knows his shit….

  • Ross Maidment

    Greatest rollerbladers of all time

    1. Dustin Latimer
    2. Chris Haffey
    3. Sven Boekhorst

  • Will Bean

    no it goes like this…
    1. Dustin Latimer
    2.Dustin Latimer
    3.Dustin Latimer

    • brandon

      God, it’s always Latimer with you.

      • Will Bean

        He’s the best!

      • brandon

        yea. he is.

  • scrimtron

    it is a known fact that dustin latimer did mushrooms every single day of his skating career.