Dustin Latimer in Quality (2005)

Quoting Joey MCgarry (Mushroom Blading):

This is my favourite era of Dustin Latimer. Apart from Dion Antony and Jon Julio I don’t know of anyone who has such a relaxed confidence and finesse on wheeled shoes.

Dustin Latimer in Quality (2005)

I’ve always thought there should be a section of all this stuff online so I selfishly made one for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by.

Quality is an underrated DVD (by JB Snyder and Dustin Latimer). I hope this gets more people to check it out along with Latimer’s section in Lonnie Gallegos Feet (filmed in the same era). Special guest Sagona doing a wheelybird in Xsjados.

Song: Boards of Canada – everything you do is a balloon. Thanks Joey.

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57 Responses to “Dustin Latimer in Quality (2005)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That was awesome Joey, thanks for putting it together – Latimer epitomizes the care free approach to blading that alot of people seem to have lost…..I mean here is a guy that basically looks like a bum, rolling around, big tricks, little tricks…whatever. He’s just rolling for the fun of it. Long live Dustin Latimer.

  2. kboos Says:

    God himself, thanks for the edit, Latimer come back please!

  3. Aggressive inline skater Says:

    at least we have erod in the industry

  4. Anonymous Says:

    perfect style, super lol lol lol

  5. DarthRoller Says:

    Latimer is a God among greats. His outside-the-box approach and his fluid movement just make him a fucking joy to watch.

    Need a 5-way-split section of Latimer/Feinberg/Petty/Julio/Gillian/Baumstimler to happen one day ;)

  6. Vetty Says:

    The GOAT (greatest of all time), when he could do anything he wanted, including jocking Jesus (2:53)
    Thanks Joey!!

  7. Mother. Fucker. Says:

    Hahaha “jocking jesus.” Truly one of the finest epithets of rollerblading, a free thinker who will remain unparallelled! If our culture could metamorphose with skating like this at its core, it’d be all the better, its become a stunt competition and artistry is on the whole suppressed – Kevin Yee does not counter this argument in any way.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I had no idea the big lebowski was such a nasty skater

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Watch this edit then watch the winterclash 2013 edit below this. Yeah there are some sick moves in the winterclash video BUT this latimer section displays a higher level of skating than anyone brings in the park contests

  10. Carlos Says:

    Well, … you now can forget about ridiculous, stupid and useless powerblading skates, and maybe understand what rollerblading is …

  11. Anonymous Says:

    ????????????. goat

  12. ?. §hi?ld?. Says:

    One of the greatest skaters of my time, of “our” time. I miss seeing footage of this man challenging skating. The concept of street skating, taking on all obstacles creatively! How his mind looked at rollerblading will always be refreshing. An undeniable eye opener.

    Love or hate his style, His view of yesterday is our growing view of today. you cannot deny that street skating took a page or two from, Dustin Latimer, that a lot of today’s current skaters view street spots differently due to him.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I really wish our industry would open its eyes and start to evolve more in this direction as opposed to the Aragon wannabe gangster playa shit…..

  14. Anonymous Says:

    latimer is and always will be king

  15. South_African_Roller Says:

    The BEST! enough said…

  16. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Love this! Thanks! Handplant true fish(switch?) made to look so easy, when in fact it is ridiculously hard.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    540 ao topsoul.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    timeless and creative
    latimer please come back

  19. Anonymous Says:

    the video s named quality but the quality of the video is bad. Whatever, a great skater and a great skating.

  20. jdouggie Says:

    a few of those tricks were HUGE. crazy gaps (and gaps in mooks are scary), spins to grinds, high jumps, inverts (!), etc., but then look at his creativity and control on the tech side. amazing. sorry to anyone who doesn’t appreciate the range of skills DL has. thanks joey for the upload.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    DL is indeed the king and the drainage ditch is his kingdom

  22. owl Says:

    Latimer legend. But this section is obviously filmed when the industry were in lack of money.

  23. whoooo Says:

    he is jesus christ god dammit, that guy could walk on FUCKING WATER, what so hard about rollerbootin then?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Such a great skater.so badly missed as a pro.wonder what he’s up to now.if I remember right he designed the xsjados

  25. lol Says:

    remember buying this dvd, it wasnt quality..

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Ps.you can see the how to skate a xsjado the right way.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    jo quality had no quality, hehe.

  28. Angel Jaime Says:

    that was a fucking mystical experience

  29. Anonymous Says:

    god, this man is the freest rollerblader who ever lived, you can tell when he skates he’s in a whole different world than the rest of us. his creativity is absolutely mind bending. i loved every second of it, i unfortunately never saw this before but i wouldn’t of understood in 2005. but i get it now. and am so glad i have seen it now. thank you so much joey for uploading and thank you so much dustin for being who you are.

  30. Henz Says:

    Anyone know where the Dominic Sagona clip was?

  31. MaryJane Says:

    Wow! hantplant to true fish… Never seen this trick before.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    THE XSJADO STYLE unique 4 life thanks latimer …..

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Fuckin love how at the time, when dude where trying to 360 everything, and only sticking to rails and ledges, Dustin was just rolling on anything, and making it look so good! He is a definite inspiration to my style of skating.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Not one negative comment….? – where are all the noobs tonight with their pathetic little comments??

    P.S Much love for Latimer

    L E G E N D

  35. digimon Says:

    absolute bloody genius

  36. Anonymous Says:

    what a fking legend,.. amazing!!

  37. Anthony Says:

    Best rollerblader of all time, if you know all this mans achievements and accolades then you know he is truly the G.O.A.T.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Best skater ever!!!

  39. shmellz Says:

    real talk, rollerblading owes this guy a pension.

  40. Adam Says:

    Best ever, for those interested, he and Shane Coburn piloted xsjado through help from Salomon, after a while as the industry wasn’t doing so well, Shane and dustin ended up selling xsjado to power slide, which is how xsjado became part of the conference (as I understand it, I’m sure there is more to it).

    I think dustin retired at the right time, better to retire a year early and have people saying “why didn’t he hang around longer” than a year late and people saying “why didn’t he retire sooner.”

    Best roller ever bar none.

  41. Luke Says:

    Yoda, he is.


  42. kurwiszcze z polski Says:

    any 1 know this song ??? ofc ive found the playlist at the end of this movie but i cant find this “dustin latimer’s” song

  43. Joey Says:

    Song is ‘everything you do is a balloon’ by Boards of Canada

  44. Terror Says:

    this edit was mid blowing, fking sick. The bum look he got in here is sick as fuck too. DL and AAron Feinberg are the best 2 rollerbladers this sport has ever seen.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    could not the word ‘quality” refer to the tricks performed in the video. ie, the execution of the totality of the act at hand. I believe this video was an attempt to put together a compilation of rollerblading free from the “filler tricks”, which are well over used in many videos. For example, if a video has more mediocre tricks than well executed “quiality” actions, then what kind of after taste is the viewer going to be left with.
    Sweet edit :D



  47. SEANPQUINN Says:





  48. Nautilus Says:

    Inspired! Ready for spring up here in AK…The skating and song are perfect together. Missed out on the full potential of DL when I was a quitter for a decade or so, but surely catching up now.

  49. Vetty Says:

    The Best Of DL dvd is a must own

  50. 10inchMick Says:

    the best. not his best section tho

  51. Anonymous Says:

    dl will forever be one of the best. no one did tricks as big as him back in the day… then once he slowed down, no one could fathom how weird and creative he got on the blades… true innovator to this sport.

  52. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    God of Rollerblading=Latimer Jesus of Rollerblading=Feinburg

  53. Anom Says:

    DL forever! God on rollerblades!
    Thanks for the edit!

  54. Anonymous Says:

    this was the first skate dvd i ever bought i always play it when im doing stuff in the house dope soundtrack too

  55. Anonymous Says:

    DL was one of the best skaters of all time, no doubt he was my hero… but his quality section was shockingly bad, hard to imagine this stiff-legged Ayatollah used to be the best skater….

  56. xsjadomonkey Says:

    i can’t believe there is not one negative comment!!!! there is hope for humanity!! :D :D

  57. DAboos Says:

    darth Vader knows his shit….