Dre Powell: 2013 Razors Edit by Max Manning

Dre Powell 2013 Razors Edit

I’ve known Dre Powell for a long time now and have probably been filming together for the past 3 years now. While dudes been through a steady challenge of injuries and age, he still seems to never stop moving forward.

Always skating always finding new things to skate.He has a keen eye for doing odd things at sick skate spots and still holds some of the most casual and smooth styles out there. He still throw’s huge gaps and still does some of the illest mistrial tricks out there!Max Manning.

Filmed by Max Manning & Lonnie Francisco. Youtube Mirror.
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  • Eddie B. LBC/ETNO

    still a clean style… this would of been the best section on a video from 99’… bring back Elements II and Vinny Minton!!

  • Big bob

    niggas always talkin shit, dre powell still got moves boy, niggas don’t kno shit about real blading

  • douche patrol

    really impressed good job dre

  • Notorious BITE

    Well, Powell is one big gay fafo (father fucker)!

    Boring as shit… gay AM that should not be there anymore. We don’t care about your past, you suck!