Don Bambrick: Mindgame Accidental Machines

Accidental Machine (2006). A Mindgame Video. 2014 Repost.

Don Bambrick: Mindgame Accidental Machines

Music: Sole – Dumb This Down.
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  • Dis Dick

    Banging edit but hate that shot of Bambrick trying to look hard in the opening.

  • Pistachio the puppet

    That opening gap. My goodness. Such a strong section. Don is one of the best.

  • broke milf

    so landing a gap of the size of a house is trying to look hard? c-mon go try a flat kick flip

  • sauce

    hammers only… and the biggest gap landed ever!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that was amazing. Bambrick is so underrated, honestly. He didn’t stand out enough for how good he is. His skating is some of the best in the world. Stylish, tech, but also buck. So good.

  • chris

    ski 540’d it mate

  • from russia

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    ski 540 clip???

  • MatherRassia


  • Jason

    incredible. impossible to say anything negative about this if you exist in reality.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, and then he fell off, massively. This section is fucking epic though.

  • Ghost

    this section is one of the fuckin illest, its a goddamn masterpiece and absolutly timeless.

  • SteeZ

    My God. I knew Don was good but WTF!! Just…What tha Fuck!?
    I am soo behind! haha

    There is some Rolling I watch which is like Damn, but this was WTF!

    “Aleoop Top Porn on a High Rail to 180 Hardspin(spinning away from the Obstacle) Darkside Topsoul on a Ledge on the other side”

    What IS that? lol

  • DarthRoller

    So much just worked for Don in this section – some clips of him in the Salomons that he was so used to and so ridiculously precise in as a result, plus getting the best out of the Genesys he would have been just getting used to – skating a different mould always brings a new freshness and enthusiasm to people’s skating.

    Absolute magic – probably at the peak of his powers here.

  • Anonymous

    One of the best ever. I’ve been to that gap its not real he jumped it. Sooo big. Also skate never jumped it he 540ed a difference double set. No one else has ever jumped that gap Carlos p did disaster the rail though

  • Anonymous

    What was xsjane coburn feeding his team? Mindgame beasts