Dominic Sagona: Rehabcn Edit by Richie Eisler (2011)

Flashback: Dominic Sagona shredding in Barcelona.

dominic sagona

After a long stretch of injury Dominic Sagona was brought to Powerhouse to commence his rehabilitation. Swagger ensued.

Music: Daft Punk – Derezzed (Glitch Mob Remix).

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  • spen

    101, dammit, too late. You clearly too legit to quit

  • Too Legit

    I was too legit.

    But now, i am not legit, i am un-legit…

    And for that reason i must quit.

    102… Fuck yeah Eisler edits get all the hype

  • Anonymous

    i like his style- fast and smooth, no fake arm exaggerations after landing a trick, and no faggot vests – rehab is progressing nicely

  • Anonymous

    2:35 top torquesoul like a boss

  • nigggger

    >Anonymous Says:
    >April 20th, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    >He’s been warming up since 2006

    Good comment.

  • spess mehren

    haha hows the view up there on your high horse sheep poser? seriously, I never once said anything about drop rails, you brought that up, and I’m actually 19…I have been around long enough to know the difference between a good trick and a bad trick, and no random online kid with a temper can convince me that today’s skating is as good as it used to be, so don’t even try…I’m only trying to put things into perspective and show that skating really has gotten lazier

  • Dave

    What skates are thos

  • Anonymous

    badass bootstompin skates! USD UFS THRONES! get with the program Dave

  • Dave

    Good luckss and my bad

  • RiversideRat

    Dom has the best style on earth, end of story

  • Anonymous

    too fucking legit to quit you lil spinny do fuckers!!!! eat a dick and die if you talk trash on dominic. this was a free online edit fag tards. wait and see fag haters, you gonna get yours so you better keep it one fousand!

  • GL-Joe

    Eisler you are very good at filming and making edits.

  • kiros5th

    ..and that was ROLLERBLADING..

  • Mathieu Ledoux

    Amazing !

    If we watch it with a fresh mind and just enjoy it for what it is, without the need of compare it to anything, you will see throught your noisy mind and realise how inspirering this edit IS.

    sorry for my english. thanks Rich that was unreal

  • Levi

    I respect this person for rollerblading.
    I hope his personality and how he treats his himself/friends/fo’s are good too,
    so I can respect him as a whole.


  • bigfoot mountain dork

    I enjoyed that immensely huge giant killer style!you deserve a pound!!!!

  • yang

    The people who made fun of that make me want to go live in a underground old age home with a gun.Die!!!!That was like the essence of blading to an extent and you ruined it.shame on you.

  • daveonflow

    Fuck, my idol of rollerblading! So clean and smooth edit! Keep rollin’ Dom! :)

  • Sagoneisledoux

    I want to see a sagona eisler ledoux section. OR they should have unprotected sex with the same girl and 16 years later we get to guess who’s the daddy through how he skates.

  • mr scientist

    creeeeeaaaamyyyy i love his skating. and his attitude is so raw

  • mr scientist

    oh and very badass aswell hehe