Dominic Sagona: BHC Filthy Hooligans Section (2009)

Flashback: Dominic Sagona came to stay with us to film for this section and 2 and half weeks in he broke his hand wrist and had to undergo numerous surgeries to correct it, leaving him unable to even skate for well over 9 months.

Dominic Sagona

As always super critical Dom probably hates this section but we love it. One of the all time greats in action. We are proud to bring you Mr Sagona.BHC.

BHC Filthy Hooligans (2009), More Sections: Erik Perkett, Albert Hooi (leftovers), Mathias Silhan, Frazer Watson, Leon Humphries, Intro, Trailer.

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  • lol

    always dope to see some sagona clips

  • http://rolling-a-mindgameinfocus rolling-a-mindgameinfocus

    some pretty nifty moves and yeah sure it is good to see some clips… but we all know he can deliver move of a skating profile than a “model shoot” , im sure when he recovers from his broken arm…. and lets shit heal well.. get vibeing right and good skating will come… like Billy O neal… Top notch Dom… get your mindset right man.. Legggg wait for it endary ;P

  • wow

    wowzer, was a little shorter than I had hoped!!! Still I guess its amazing he still skates at this level so you can’t expect such a veteran to be going out getting tons of clips.
    Loving the clips that were there I guess.

  • Ángel


  • garret

    haha he did not want to let that grab go on that last gap

  • lame

    kindof disapointing

  • Anonymous

    Yes one could expect someone who is pro to still deliver a ton of clips. He wouldn’t even be that old in another sport. Pro is pro. If you can’t deliver you shouldn’t be pro. Maybe he can deliver though, sick albeit short edit.

  • Mr.S

    absolutely the sickest style ever!!! point

  • vermontroller

    that was dirty. so fucking good!

  • Mrcs

    fucking tight to see him skate. but sad to see that not a single rail was killed…

  • Anonymous

    sagona is my fav skater. i like how he always kicks his legs around when he lands a trick just like at 1:34

  • Nick Uhas

    are you guys retarded this is like 2 weeks of clips before he got so hurt he couldnt skate for 9 months.. fucking idiots. how dare you insult the master.

  • jughead

    one of mt favorite bladers of all times song was bad ass ,tricks and edit was bad ass befitting of the king bad ass himself hahahaa, get well soon brutha.

  • mike mcmullen

    sagona rips period. style counts, especially when everyone takes a bite of yours just to look good.

  • nekokrew

    this is two weeks footage , this grab where his hand got block by a ring then he fells on his hand (and wrist) and get several injuries , and several month of healing then the BHC deadline was passed out , that ‘s why this section could be disapointing but wait t his powerhouse sections ;)

  • MostHatedA4

    Sagona is the fxcking man….sick shit! Ya just a bunch of Fxcking Haters

  • Adam

    Sagona Has the sickest style…end of story. I dig this small edit, very creative.

  • Gazmos

    The first trick was my favorite. Very stylish. I hope he gets well soon so we can see a new proper edit of Sagona come out.

  • icariin

    Sagona is so damn good, you won’t seem him skating for a while but then you see this and you know he can still hold is own for sure.

  • wow

    I said it was sick but I was just enjoying it and it ended. Bit short tis all.

  • Name name

    The whole “this is only 2 weeks worth of footage” really puts shit in perspective, wow. Loads of respect for this guy. And to think, Game Theory was a year ‘n a half in the making.

  • Lurlene Riefer

    Hmm. I am not so sure about that…

  • Dave Shaw


  • Sebastian Andrei