Dirt Box Wheel (57/89): Promo Edit by Sam Currie

Dirt Box Wheel (57/89): Promo Edit by Sam Currie

Promo edit for the Dirt Box 5789 Wheel.

Dirt Box Wheel (57/89): Promo Edit

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  • Anony

    Hate that shit!

  • Anonymous

    Love that shit!

  • Anonymous

    That song was in Little Big Planet so.. that was something

  • Anonymous

    I really liked this. It’s creative. It doesn’t look like everything else. And little big planet is awesome.

    For people who always complain about disliking these videos because they aren’t HD: it is far more admirable to be a creative person who can find alternative ways to express themselves than to be a narrow-minded person who can only accept things one way.

  • Anony

    You fucking idiot, this isnt creative, its being cheap. They have no money to shoot HD. Non HD is on trend right now, look at Briggs, and Thee Strange and all that other arty shit, its literally THEE WORST!

  • Radical

    Wheels look legit. Support skater owned companies.

  • Anonymous




    Nemo was not a palace rip off bit this!!
    Come dudes not real not based

  • wikileeks


    Do your research before you throw stones, he even said on his website he’s ripped off a music documentary for this edit. Also look at the oldest videos on both accounts. I saw the first dirt box edit done in this style in 2006 in a boutique in Cambridge then they put it on youtube in 2008: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLPlTANHowA

    Even if you just count their vimeo they’ve got two years on Palace.

    4 years ago: http://vimeo.com/3724323

    2 years ago: http://vimeo.com/21411986

  • Gabor

    i don’t give a shit that it’s not in HD, but this was a piese of crap. unenjoyable and annoying rubish. horrile editing. creative is my ass…

  • Anonymous

    i liked it.

    rollernews is full of trolls and groms that only serve to tear down what’s already dying.

  • Wildman

    Dirt box have been doing things in their own way, way before palace was even created. Edit was clever and better than yours.

  • Anonymous

    dirt box been making video of this style longer than palace

  • rc cola

    song was used in imagine bladeshun trailer

  • Anonymoose

    so creative, must be professional photographers.
    heard the one guy stole some ladies dog!

  • Anonymous

    what a try hard edit.

  • cocksandwich

    db has been filming on SD tapes since 2007.

    HD looks gay as fuck

  • loved it.

    Nice work. Doesn’t take itself too seriously and was interesting. They make clothes that grown ups can wear. Worthy of praise for sure!

  • fishFLAPS

    loved it like chicken nuggets!!! haters got sand in their fish flaps…

  • Danielson

    Let companies grow…. It was a good edit for a growing company. What is wrong with being poor? You can’t just start off being successful. You have to work and make money. Everyone starts off poor unless their parents keep them breastfeeding forever. I really am getting sick of you snobs.. Keep pretending you love rollerblading, and watch all the edits just to keep talking shit and destroy it. If you don’t like what you see, either quit or start your own company.

  • E.Rod

    @loved it
    Grown ups wear clothes branded ‘DIRT BOX’?? Ok.

  • Mike Salt S4P

    Not many things worse than people trying this hard to be ‘hipsters’ and be ‘trendy’

    Sam Currie needs to get his penis out the letterbox of his local charity/thrift shop and realise its 2013. People don’t wear skinny jeans, brogues and trade play Sega anymore. Sam get a grip of yourself, you look homeless and try far far too hard to give off this fake image you have given yourself.

  • Mike Salt S4P

    Sorry about that last comment…I’d just tried to fuck my cat and it clawed the shit out of my dick which made me jump and caused me to release 3 days of build up shit all over my keyboard. I am trying to be a kinda and more positive person, but every now and then it just comes across that i’m a hateful little none contributing shit who cries when he masterbates as I can only really get hard thinking about my father and great grand mother fucking in a custard bath.

  • SexyHorse69


  • Mike Salt S4P

    I’m sorry Sam I didn’t mean to write those mean things about you. I have strong feeling for you Sam, really strong! the kind you feel bulging in your pants. I want to be with you Sam, why did you not reply to my facebook messages? Then deleted your account when I told you I loved you, why Sam, WHY?!?!
    Why did you ignore me that time at Slam Jam when I told you that you had great hair, was it because I was wearing baggy camo shorts and a t-shirt from Primark? I’ve changed now Sam honestly, I shop at Topman and even try finding stuff in charity shop, I really do Sam you have to believe me! Please let me come intern at Dirt Box, I can help you pack orders and we can just hang out and get to know each other, trade some Sega games or somethings that’s what hipsters do right?
    I love you Sam please don’t ignore me!!!

  • Mike Salt S4P

    We are alllllll just bees looking for some pretty flowers babe

  • flashback

    im not gonna hate on this, but creative? lets be real the 90s were never cool, so get over it. im over the same tricks these kids pull in every edit. it doesnt matter if its HD or not. if youre gonna keep handing me the same stuff im not gonna care. kids think they are too cool.

  • Phillips Trousers

    I saw these guys steel a dog

  • Helen Mirren

    Safe. Nice one!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this shit was sick, why do you GUYS and GIRLS have to ridicule everything!! BE AT ONE, AT PEACE WITH THE FELLOW BLADER AND WHAT HE OR SHE HAS TO OFFER. WHAT HE OR SHE CHOOSES TO LISTEN TO, DRESS LIKE, ETC. Lets try for the sake of blading sanity to just get along. who cares what we think of each other. its so old. let blading live. fight for it, not against it.

  • Wow

    Whoever wrote that mike salt comment your a funny cunt

  • Eggy tits

    That was fooking great, dirt box is what’s up


    make a video, i give u money, fuck lame theory.

  • Andi Peters

    Hold up, there’s another bag coming from the terminal!

  • Patrick Bateman

    After watching this edit I noticed that I had drawn all over my trousers and the ink wont wash out! If this is your idea of a fucking joke it’s not funny! These were my favourite pair!

  • gavin shoreditch

    some super gay comments on here. cammm annn