Dillon Cooper – Survival of the Fittest (Musicvideo)

Directed and Edited by Hi-Lite Reel Boston.

Dillon Cooper - Survival of the Fittest

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  • a

    Yeah son ! rep blading !!! D COOP is da shizzzzzzzzznit !

  • Full Retard

    The only “non-wack” MC of rollerblading.
    Big Up

  • fuk im

    mobb deep – survival of the fittest … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxDdN-puo3g … know your roots kids and respect the architects

  • Anonymous

    precisely what’s wrong with hip hop these days.

  • Fuk u sayin?

    @fukimsays looks like he did a great job of knowing his roots and “respecting the architects” by visually paying homage to biggie, pac, channeling kris kris cadence from the 90s, and doing this track enough justice that the heads in their 30s and 40s who lived the golden age would appreciate. Given this, I think its safe to say he’s aware of, choose to use, and acknowledges Mobb deep by murdering this classic in style when some of them try to rhyme but cant rhyme like that. And that’s Cozmiks homie. Dillon Cooper is the shit, bitch, yes yes.

  • D.Rowland

    This isnt a rollerblading the fuck is this shit doing on here?

    Wanker is shit at rapping aswell

  • Anonymous

    Dylan Cooper’s got style on the mic. Wish I could say the same for his blading. The dude could barely drop in a mini. In fact the only bad thing on this video, in my opinion, was the blading. The music and editing were on point…..

  • saa

    This guy can rap.

    Franky Morales and JBah on the other hand, suck so bad. Its embarrassing.

  • kmcgloughlin

    coopers a beast,real good hip hop

  • RanierP

    that was hard ass fuck!

  • Anonymous

    that was solid as fuck, you cant tell me thats not how an emcee should sound. i would definitely buy an album

  • Anonymous

    That was wack as fuck!!! I once liked hip hop/ rap genres but that was until i realized the negativity of it and why so much crime occurs in America. People like this emcee fool need to change their way of life if they want to get out the ghetto. Real talk to this clown, think positive and act assertive. Song is shit! …

  • Dis Dick

    Dood slays the mic. The blades? Not so much. I don’t give a fuck though, we all have our strengths and weakness and I’m glad a kid who can rap like this is on our team.

  • Jbah

    You are posting mobb deep too quickly. Slow down.

  • FreeLens

    liking this!

    comment. short. again.

  • RAD

    another great track by Dillon Cooper! Keep slaying the rapping and the blading!

  • Dil

    Good Lookin to all the people showin love…for the dickheads hiding behind a screen talkin.. imma fill u in on a lil sumin. Saying i cant drop in is a joke and a half.. been skating since i was 9… there just happens to be a thing called a liability when your signed and a label cant afford to have yu fucking yourself up so theres certain shit you can and cant do…
    and to the D. rollin cocksucker.. y u mad tho cause nobody knows yur name lml haters tend to do shit like that..yu funny.. supposed to be a blading community… but i guess there are haters everywhere…stop being mad at me.. it aint making ya life any different.. cause STILL nobody knows who the fuck u r past a rollernews forum. I’m putting light into an industry that i grew up in.. in whatever way i can.. and yu just throwin shade.. thats some bitch shit. smmfh. im prolly smokin a blunt wit ya favorite rolla that u profess to be while u Mad.. HANNNNN!


  • cj whittingslow

    Yo I fully agree blading is all about the hip-hop beats and XXL clothing, the problem is that you have to many little posh boy skin tight wearing fagets doing the sport and gives it a really shitty look for an outsiders view.

    At the end of the day whats the point in slagging the nigger off when all he is doing is giving something back to the rollerblading community of the old school generation.

    So if you ask me keep it up, keep repping ya shit on here and when you find this little fuck whos slagging you off fuck him up real time


  • Anonymous

    shoulda stayed off the comments there buddy

  • @TheDillonCooper

    Hey Guys. This is REALLY Dillon here, I appreciate all the love… positive and Negative. Thanks to the person who REALLY backed me up by being me. but its all good I got it.
    s/o to RollerNews and Gabe Holm at Thuro for helping shoot and roll in the video.


  • sellyoursoul2roll

    I remember that beat in a Chris Farmer section but what the fuck that shit is in report with rollerblading? Can someone just explain me? Guy like him, there are so many under bridges and in streets, so why put a video like this…

    I know play piano but i don’t come post a video here
    I know play computer games but i don’t post a video here
    don’t care about your life n’shit

  • http://facebook.com/Earl.M.Bryan.photography Earl M Bryan

    its a simple thumbs up from me dude stay RAD

  • JRay

    >puts on bandana
    >does video without bandana on

  • http://www.Survival-of-Fittest.com shawn

    sick! Same name as my personal training Biz haha Ill use this song in a vid!

    http://www.Survival-of Fittest.com


  • D.Rowland

    I know play piano but i don’t come post a video here
    I know play computer games but i don’t post a video here
    don’t care about your life n’shit


  • D.Rowland

    I just sang along to a Rhianna song and added a couple new verses.

    Any one want videos since this is now rollernews/MTV?

  • Lazo

    Hey dill,how bout you should throw at least a 30sec edit of u shredding…who here agrees????….no bah really u should,more bladders would proly listen to yo muzzik.

  • Julian

    Totally agree ^

  • hint

    In NYC its all about money…..your nice…. the industry is only people who can save music….SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just thro a party for skaters…..life

  • Me

    …not bad, nice flow but you could take off the price tag on the cap.

  • Russian TUPAC

    we OUT HERE NIGGA! BLADER GANG, tupac is in RUSSIA and he has dread locks. get yo game on track wack niggaz

  • http://www.kkk.com Orsteezy

    Dude loves blading and is great at his chosen craft.. If you love blading and chose to share your craft here, i’d support.. ANYTHING to spread blading is a good thing, especially when its visible to the masses.. Keep killin em’ Coop, NYC worldwide…

  • ::{BMF} Davem0n

    That was extremely good. This one will go on the ipod for skate playlists.