Dillon Cooper: Cozmik Mixtape

Dillon Cooper: Cozmik Mixtape

Dillon Cooper comes through with Cozmik which is in honor of his friend, Brian Cozmik Scott, a professional rollerblader who was innocently shot outside a Brooklyn coffee shop. Download the mixtape on Hotnewhiphop.com.

Thanks Kevin Dowling & Dean Bethany.

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  • Anonymous

    Well he isn’t really a professional rollerblader. Don’t over do it.

  • Anonymous

    He was still a respected blader and made edits, how many edits have you made?^

    That’s what I thought.

  • Anonymous

    Forreal, Cozmik Would Slay U With his eyes closed then smack the shit outta U. Bitchass internet Hatin. #DontOVERDOIT


    Dope Mixtape, RIP COZMIK


  • Anonymous

    cozmik was not a professional rollerblader , but he was very good at rollerblading. r.i.p cozmik

  • jedinyc

    nah cozmik was pro, pro is a level of skill. not just some title because a bunch of dweebs follow you. cozmik loved skating and got nice as fuck at this shit. people need to open their minds to what defines a word before they start thinking ignorant. but shout out to dillon cooper for making this and for rollernews for posting it. they’re aren’t many respectful bladers now a days but there’s always a few everywhere.

  • XXX

    Get off the Dick. No where near pro. Homeboy could skate. I’ve seen him in edits, not bad but not pro either. I get it though, it looks better on the internet. Good tape, got my support 100.

  • DomBx

    Mixtape is fresh. Support that

  • Anonymous

    nice tape

    keep it up