Deshtruction Tour (Life+ 5)

November 2012 Repost.
With Louie Zamora, Randy Spizer, Chris Farmer & Iain Mcleod.

Deshstruction Tour - Life+5

Life Plus: More Media.

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  • Nick Shand

    Didnt notice at the time but ‘board vehicle’ is spelt wrong at the end

    Also the editing was so so bad, nearly as bad as Matt Watky/Simon Mulvany

  • but…

    ^^ nice bit of hate to start,

    deshi where the best skate to ever fall apart on my feet, loved them, i resurrected mine around about 3 times.

  • DarthRoller

    This is an edit I always re-visit. Such a feel-good vibe.

    Also, props to Spizer and Zamora at the time for recruiting probably the two best rollerbladers on the planet-Farmer and McLeod.

    Still both in the top ten all this time later, without question. Farmer pushes the possibilities more than most and McLeod is arguably the most technical rollerblader on the planet.

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    “McLeod is arguably the most technical rollerblader on the planet.”

    ^^^ The thing about Iain McCleod is that on top of being tech, he does stunts too.

    Dude has landed some MASSIVE gaps. 540s and 720s too.

  • fucking cunty newbies

    I still got and watch this video. Usd should have never bought them out. The skates were sick.the team was sicker. They should still be here today instead of being called carbons

  • greg


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again

  • Rewind

    that true porn was utterly beautiful

  • dbeer

    that tru porn is gold

  • Anonymous

    Someone please make a meme out of Iian’s face at the beginning. So much potential

  • Terror

    back then when Chris Farmer was a badass.

  • rollerblading is gay

    farmer is still a badass. he has just unleashed his weird style of dress.

  • fukbol derek

    louie, you are honestly embarrassing.

  • fukbol derek

    danny beer, you know all.

  • seven

    love the old style. nice chill edit. deshi were a good company.

  • Marsel

    Farmer 2:32-2:38 = Ice Water.

  • Kaspa

    When rollerblading had money