Derek Henderson | Razors AM

Introducing Derek Henderson, Razors AM for 2013.

Derek Henderson Razors AM

Song: Megadeth – Back in the Day.

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  • Anonymous

    One of the best edits I’ve seen on rollernews in many moons, OLDSKOOL

  • Chris Napoleon

    so fucking dope. doods a beast!

  • Pants

    That was dope. But roll up your pants, we can’t see the skates, it looks bad. Skating was fucking beast.

  • Anonymous

    B Ford and D Henderson in last couple days, it’s been a good week for grown-man blading

  • Juan Martinez

    Needs to be PRO!

  • lame

    this was lame someone kick him

  • Anonymous

    my one complaint is don’t let your jeans hang over your skates you look silly

  • geeez

    Hurricane top-soul on the ledge was amazing! Straight head-bangers-ball shit!

  • satanlovesyou

    fucking awesome!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Dis Dick

    Fuck Germany! It won’t let me watch this video.

  • wow!

    there was only one bad comment! must be some sort of record. dude reminds me of elliot, has that fuck it style! its pimp! def should be pro though!

  • Anonymous

    To people complaining about his jeans being over his skates……go eat a dick. GROWN MAN BLADING FTW

  • Dan-Man

    Do I have to be the one to call this dude out?

    I liked how he can only grind with his right foot and stays true to royale and soul tricks. that right there is the definition of progession and technicality if you ask me. O and i’m sure all the youths he doesn’t scare away with his hard coreness get amped on blading.

    Hey Aragon If I quit doing everything except soul and royale can i be a Razor AM to?

  • Zack D

    I agree with the dude above me. But sick skating nonetheless.

  • shutyourface

    Dan-Man who the fuck cares

  • watch

    third trick switch top pron

  • watch

    dude kicks ass. Derek for pro

  • Anonymous

    So refreshing to see this style after 10 years of village people wanabees, emos or other wigglers.

  • bro

    you gotta be a fucking dummy to prefer watching this over alex or farmer.