Demode by Carl Sturgess & Jeff Stockwell (2004)

Demode by Carl Sturgess & Jeff Stockwell (2004)

Courtesy of

  • Opener: Why? – Teeth Behind Kisses (Live album).
  • Chris Haffey: Themselves – Mouthful.
  • Montage 1: The Strokes – 1251.
  • Marcus Benavides: Buck65 – Phil (Live).
  • Iain Mcleod: Dug – Swells Of Ohio part 1, Odd Nos Dam – track 15, Odd Nos Dam – track 2, DJ Shadow – Disavowed, DJ Signify – Peek’ a Boo (Part 2).
  • Montage 2: The Vue – Look Out For Traffic.
  • Damien Wilson: Radio Head – Climbing Up The Walls.
  • Lyle Shivak: Alias – Caged In, Wasting Away.
  • Montage 3: Ima Robot – Philosiphophy.
  • Colin Mcleod: Boom Bip – Awaiting An Accident, Placebo – Every Me and Every you (Sneaker Pimps remix).
  • Credits: Modest Mouse – The Ocean Breathes Salty.
  • B-roll: Alex Boyd – Untitled (Live).
  • Old Skewl Edit: Oasis – Do You Know What I Mean.
  • Marcus Benavides 2: Sixtoo – Fear of Flying, Sixtoo – Baroque.
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8 Responses to “Demode by Carl Sturgess & Jeff Stockwell (2004)”

  1. yoooooo Says:

    I often talk here to say that everyone and everything is shit. Well, not this time. Demode was really a good video in my opinion and its so sad not being able to find something like this again nowadays, like the “spirit” within this video and blading at this time has dissapeared

  2. Anonymous Says:

    demode is one of my favorite movies

  3. Sam Says:

    34:32 Remix of Placebo….SO GREAT!! Did someone know if I can find the mix?! Or is it just a remix only existing in the video?

  4. COMMENDA Says:


  5. Sam Says:

    OMG Ty Commenda!! 7 years later I can finally ride with this song!! =)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    one of my favorite videos that i lent out and never got back :(

  7. Anonymous Says:

    damien wilson is fucking creative. i hope he reads this

  8. Anonymous Says:

    McLeod = Monster
    Wilson = Love what you do mate! Keep it up