Dead Forever: Adam Brierley, Amir Amadi and Dean Coward – Park Clips

Dead Forever: Adam Brierley, Amir Amadi and Dean Coward


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  • HB


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    Wait.. There’s three guys in this edit ?

    I only see one guy with a black beanie and another one with brown skates, but sadly, both have the same pants..

  • Anonymous

    Some Slick Maneuvers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    dorks. get a real job.

  • Ash

    Best edit of the year so far!

  • Dylan Rieder

    Your trousers are a bit too short. Please go back and try again

  • pcp

    damn.. this edit isn´t even 2 minutes long and I couldnt watch it till end because these dudes look so super homo and the music is just annoying..

  • hahaha

    Filmed with a cellphone, we can see the cameraman’s arm all the time, ultra fisheye for tap curbing,late grabs, dressed like girls all I HATE!!

  • Anonymous

    I like when some one posts an obviously terrible edit and all you trolls are like “sick soul grind on a handicap rail bro, keep blading” but when there is a fun edit with some pretty gnar tricks all the trolls be like “your pants are dumb”

  • snoop

    I too wish they had bigger pants. Then you can see there dicks flopping around ya know.

  • nice

    nice skating. that song was annoying. i like the speed!

  • Anonymous

    Annoying song? The fuck is a matter with y’all? These niggas gettin it in, song is killer

  • Anonymous

    Dean fucking coward. Sick.

  • Anonymous

    Backslide to true makio was pretty sick. It’s still a low park rail though. Give any average blader about an hour with a camera at this spot, and they’re likely to do about the same. The small spot edits are getting a bit old. Fish guys was sick because Broskow has so much control, and Farmer is still very eclectic. Also, those dudes can hold a fucking camera. This stuff just strikes me as a subpar version of that.

  • southernscum

    WE SUPPORT YOU STRANGE DOODS. Keep up the good work.

  • wasted youth

    the strange creatures are pretty bad ass. i saw the video not to long ago and everyone in it really has it together. this edit was entertaining, but why does so many other rollerblade crews try to do it just like this. i wish the worse dudes, and the ndn and who ever else out there keeps posing would just stop. Its clear that these guys were doing the fish eye and the tip tap tricks first. all you dumb ass posers who just think you can do it right because you like skateboarding just need to give it the fuck up. sit back and let THE STRANGE handle this type of shit. all you posers should just bow down and give it up. i mean shit, they already got broskow.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha “farmer is still very electric “

  • The M

    Let me sum it up: super hot skating…super ugly pants…medium to not so super music.

    This issue with the pants…well it’s a meme that works with shoes sometimes(Q: doesn’t it originate from skateboarding like laces for belts?)…but hands down…it just looks really really silly and it’s a pain in the eye.
    I really hope this is not gonna spread around like hot butter!
    Nobody is gonna take us seriously haha

    but I don’t wanna end with a remark on bloody pants…let’s end with:
    how the fuck are you guys so good!?

  • Lame

    curb tapping poser blading.

  • Anonymous

    First fullcab I’ve seen done. Also dope 360 top over pusses switch and natural

  • Bean

    my favorite part was when the green algae took over the computer screen and then kept happening

  • Anonymous

    all you pussy shit talkers are sad. just blade. do you. who cares what anyone thinks. I wish rollernews would disable comments. Thee Strange is here to stay. deal with it.

  • Boxon

    If everybody skate like this, yes, blading is DEAD FOREVER.





    ROCK N ROLL, NIGGAZ!!!!!!!!



  • Dakota

    I like how someone didn’t know the difference between “eclectic” and “electric.”

  • dan

    VX2000 suckkkssss get a VX1K dag

  • anon

    haha i just love how sean kelso had these shorter pants in an edit like two months ago and now these guys have to wear the same.. :-DD too funny

  • Timmychanga

    Should we just call it “pantsnews” instead?

  • Richard karlsson

    looks like a fun day in the sun!

    music, skating and the fisheye angle is awesome!

  • Kyle

    Our rollerblading fathers always spoke about breading a sport of creativity and individualism, what we do has so many different styles different appeals different cultures that it will appeal to different people in different ways. That is what rollerblading is about, diversity and creativeness. You don’t have to like their style but at least know that they have skates on their feet just like the guys doing gnarly ass death drop rails, it’s just their interpretation of our art. We are all one in the same and it’s wonderful to have so many styles so we can appeal to different demographics. Our sport is not dieing and the amount of creativity and the many many different styles we have shows us that our sport is thriving. The only way rollerblading will die is if we poison it from with in.

    Now I’m not saying if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all because our creativity will thrive on criticism. When you start hating an edit cause of pants or songs then your being petty and insecure. Instead go to the park and see if you can do these tricks and if you can then go to the street and let it progress your style.

    This sport is bigger than we can ever know. We have to stop trying to self destruct and focus on our many styles as a positive.

  • Air dolphin

    that shit was tight

  • Anonymous

    lol…way to make rollerblading look gay. no wonder this sport is dying in U.S.

  • lol

    add a 10 year old skateboarder to your edit next time just to add some hammers.

  • I was never givin a name

    judging skating edits like they are fashion shows..

  • skaterhater

    dude in the picture on top looks like tony hawk

  • Jessus

    Cool little park… super small, but highly functional! Wish I had that over the big and badly designed park near my house.

  • robyn collins

    Iono bout yall , but deez niggas is to old fah me and they pants aint tight nuff

  • mr pants

    are used tight , medium, and baggy! who gives a fuck!?