Dayshapes by Erik Bill: Trailer 2


The NDN presents DAYSHAPES, a film by Erik Bill (available March 2011(.

Starring: Cameron Card, Dan Dickerson, Nicholas Swan, Erik Bill, Phil Davidson & Erik Bailey.

Featuring: Jeff Stanger, Chris Olpin, Ross Kuhn, Ty Acuff, Geoff Phillip, JT Truitt, Gavin Fitch, Corey Grubb, Justin Mousley, Tad Tregeagle, Jay Whitmore, Eli Dorsey, Tyler Schmidt, and many other talented bladers.


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  • Christopher G

    We actually got a good look at the Valo Lights in this one

  • Luke

    Loved it. Are those the Valo lights or just the new one-pice soulplates?

  • v4l

    yeah bailey skating the valo lights ! i can’t wait for his section, one of my favourite bladers

  • King Seabass

    song is olafur arnalds, isnt it?

  • nekokrew

    i’ll buy it for sure ,in my opinions it represent how the skating should be nowadays, there are creative/esthethic tricks ,and they are on some rough spot, it’s the middle of comp-robot edit and kelso brothers art, get it!

  • mike delise

    nice, looked like one of the best trailers from you bill.

  • keaotn newsom

    I’m excited for this. 2 thumbs up!

  • bad rolligion

    aw, can’t wait for another Cameron Card section. I thought he had the best section in I Was a Cloud.

  • nuge

    SO sick! can’t wait for this one, Camron card for remz pro!

  • nicholas swan

    nuge Says:
    November 21st, 2010 at 5:00 pm
    SO sick! can’t wait for this one, Camron card for remz pro!



    eriks a cool man with cool skating.

    so it all the ndn’s


  • Salt

    those valos bailey was rockin were sick as hell looking

  • Adam

    Killa cam and Eric Bailey has sections?? If so.. must buy

  • sick but guys..

    A tad bit overdramatic music?

  • AnthonyMedina

    Will buy. Blu ray?

  • mousley

    Killa, E.Bill, Bailes…. DONE dah-da!

  • TommyT

    I just hope he doesn’t give all his friends and their mom sections like all his past videos.

  • Piccolo

    valo lights?? it looks perfect!

  • Anonymous

    wow, is that Bailey’s first ever 900? I have never seen him do one of those before, but always kinda thought he could, or rather that he should be able to get one. I’m stoked if he lands it.

  • Anonymous

    now teach Broskow how to 900