David Sizemore Wins Oakland Blade Jam 2013

Raw clips of David Sizemore on Vine: 01, 02 by Erick Rodriguez & Amall. One Mag related article: BFree Talks Oakland Blade Jam (June 11). Thanks Jake P.

David Sizemore Wins Oakland Blade Jam 2013

Up: David Sizemore hitting the 270 from the quarter to front royale to 1st place Oakland Blade Jam. Photo: Jon Julio (larger picture).

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  • scooby

    so happy for this guy! can’t wait for the edit!

    one of the most talented bladers out there right now. he made rollerblades look sooooo good!

    what happened to the helmet? :p

  • Haaa

    So those Vine clips were unbelievable. Shame Julio would never pick him up he deserves it

  • yooooo

    The trick looks good but when you think about it, its not that hard nor dangerous. Its an high 360 with a royale *tap* in the middle. He knows he’s landing on the right ramp no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    ^ therefore he is a smart motherfucker… also easier said than done my friend, you thought about it. He did it, and won the comp.

  • STFU

    @Haaa Julio would love to pick up Sizemore, but he can’t afford to because he has an obligation to pay the rest of his Pro riders in this struggling industry. So why don’t you SHUT THE FUCK UP! you know nothing….

  • Anonymous

    i love you sizemore

  • Anonymous
  • http://www.soundcloud.com/djwrekshop DJ WREKSHOP

    I don’t even….I can’t even comprehend that.
    David Sizemore just fucked my mind up.

  • soul2roll

    Yep Sizemore just mind shagged me too! :O

    Not a hard trick? A tap?? RN is funny with its Artards sometimes.

    Trick was amazing, creative, smooth, sexy and sick! Love it :D

    In some old Roces by the looks of it too? :O

  • Doliprane

    WOOOOOOOW ! I’m… amazed

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that trick looks easy at all. It’s big, he’s going really fast, and the spin is completely blind until he lands royale. And a tap is what Broskow did at Bitter Cold on those p-rails, sliding like a foot of the rail. This looks to be at least three times as long as that, and he was fully committed. count it.

  • Anonymous

    ^yeah, if it was broskow, he would have landed 3/4 of the way down that ledge, and then given the middle finger like he just totally owned it. also, trash cans would have been kicked.

  • lajarth

    he deserver to be on the best team of the world, Valo, Julio do it!!!

  • Anonymous

    seen it in person… it was RAW!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    sizemore shits on a lot of their current team.
    so maybe time to cut some folks.

  • Snow

    I ride that park every week and that clip does no justice as to how high that wall actually is.

  • Anonymous

    come on julio has so much money. — amazing, sizemore!!!

  • talent310


  • Anonymous

    By far the Best Skater in U.S. shits all over Bolino and Aragon and Broskow. But he is still not in same class as CJ, Cudot and Nils.

  • USD

    Welcome to Team USD Sizemore

  • Lol

    Valo is making the same mistake Remz did sticking with old washed up skaters. No wonder Europe has taken over rollerblading. Sizemore on USD makes them the best skate team in the world.

  • rol247

    so it seems to be on valo you have to skate some m12s for a while haha

  • boner

    Such a sick contest.

  • Anonymous

    haha i really love that sizemore is skating the cheapest skates on the market and yet he is surprising all the time, with this, and last with the fastslide on that sick ass drop rail. and after he did quit rollerblade and now is skating m12, it is in my point of view the way for him to go — GO VALO. can’t imagine him skating usd, remz, razors, and not even adapt. sizemore, say yes to julio — who must be a fool if he has not asked sizemore

  • Harder than it looks kids

    Hahahaha tap? Some grom on here actually thinks being able to balance out a longer royale would have been the hardest part of this trick?

    David would have easily laced that trick if the grind was 5 times as long. The hardest part of the trick was the big blind alleyoop spin he did to get on the easiest part of the trick, the royale.

    Credit is deserved for thinking out of the box and not recycling tricks that have been done 10 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Sizemore is too good to be With the Valo fags. He is making a mockery of the skate teams who won’t sponsor him by wearing old Roces. Basically telling Valo to go fuck themselves. He will be on USD.

  • Anonymous

    sizemore for seba

  • Harder than it looks kids

    Why do all you groms claim that no one will sponsor David??? Maybe, just maybe, he chooses to not have a sponsor. Maybe he has even turned down some offers because he would rather just blade for fun not a job. Ever thought of that? Of course not, you all would rather speculate and argue over your speculations, which have no merit of reality.

  • http://www.rapevan.com Theo Partin

    I would let him get in my rape van for sure! DS in my rape van truspin on my balls. Royal that dick #bladergang

  • http://www.birdsofprey.com Hawke Trackler

    I would have filmed that better #high

  • http://www.toast.com J Bah

    Brawckoli Broclee Yeah I eating cheeze and Bracoli

    #bladergang #weouthur #hashtag

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    How is this even possible? The dude is launching out of that quarter into some weird parabola (look it up stupid groms) while spinning blindside into a royale. That’s some serious robot shit. It almost defies logic.

  • http://www.pornhub.com Steven Tat

    Bong Bong #chiptle #saltandpepper

  • http://www.verizon.com Kyle Wood

    Can you hear me now?

  • http://www.lolcats.org Aaron Pyle

    I just won at tic tac toe.

  • http://www.iwantsizemore.com Jon Julio

    You couldn’t beat me at tic tax toe

  • PEN15

    All your tricks are belong to us.

  • Anonymous

    better than anything ive seen..

  • http://www.taktika.lv Rob

    Crazy and technical! Loved it

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t they the valo anniversary m12? And maybe he skates them because he wants too?

  • Anonymous

    Whoever thinks that trick was easy is fucking dumb, some dude cracked his head open tryong almost the same thing….. the trick is huge. You gotta see it in perSon

  • Anonymous

    It looks definitely difficult/scary. This is next level. Appreciate.

  • Anonymous

    whoever said that was easy is straight trolling

    5 foot air not easy

    5 foot ally air not easy

    5 foot ally air out of the tranny blind to a ledge


    you faggots crack me up

  • The Truth

    Glad Sizemore isn’t on Valo. Valo has the most lame team on the planet with a bunch of Julio’s old friends. David belongs on USD and he’s the only American skater who can compete against CJ and the Frenchies.