David Sizemore & Friends: 285 Skatepark

David Sizemore & Friends: 285 Skatepark

Featuring Landon Jordan, Brandon Anderson, Brian Kriebel, David Sizemore, Chris Smith, Carson Starnes, Drew Johnson, Thomas Ladoto, Cody Porche, Richard Williams, Seth LLoyd & more.

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27 Responses to “David Sizemore & Friends: 285 Skatepark”

  1. kb5k Says:

    that was too fucking good to be real

  2. kaltik Says:

    dope !! filmed really really nice and cut lovely |!|

  3. Vetty Says:

    Majestic 12’s!

  4. much appreciated Says:

    perfect little edit. Love how fastpaced it was, fitted great with the music.

  5. Tom Hyser Says:

    All the lil dudes are straight man beasts now. rippers!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    ya done killt it boyz

  7. Tom Hyser Says:

    David Sizmore is not on TRS anymore David had a good long run with us but we had to let him go .

  8. flowskate Says:

    Nice! Love it how he is doing his own thing and shredding like hell on m12’s.!

  9. AnthonyMedina Says:

    David fucking Sizemore. Fakie both ways like nothing.

  10. Kyle Says:

    Holy crap! I hope David Sizemore is just getting blown up with offers, that dude is like butter.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Those aren’t just an old pair of m12’s they are actually the new Valo’s that come without a skin!

  12. gsauce Says:

    love dat funkadelic

  13. mitch magill Says:

    is sizemore still on blank?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    the second clip of landon, he was using my skates… word

  15. seanpquinn Says:



  16. Anonymous Says:

    wake shepman is better!

  17. Tom Hyser Says:

    David is not riding for Blank anymore either, we had to let him go.

  18. Bottom Line Says:

    He looks awkward on M12s…. less balanced. RB is dead though…

  19. gayzors Says:

    oww hes got m12s on who give a shit what skates or frames anyones got ? fukin fags ! for the record tho why the fuk would u not use m12s ? you are all gay as fuk ! fuk faggot fukface news

  20. gayzors Says:

    “He looks awkward on M12s….” dont wana suck him off hes got m12s on ! fuk off faggots ?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    he gon get that seba money

  22. Anonymous Says:

    could have been the best skater on the planet but started dressing like Broskow and tapping little shit obstacles. we miss the exciting hammer dropping sizemore that kicked Haffey’s ass in Last Man Standing

  23. deanmakin Says:

    OMG sizemore isnt on RB!

    #tellingeveryone #OFWGKTA

  24. derrick Says:

    I thought this park closed down like 5 years ago??

  25. Frrrrrederick Says:

    This park re-opened last June, I believe. Black Diamond.

  26. deanmakin Says:

    Park reOPENED?!


  27. Jon Julio Says:

    I’m thinking about putting David on Valo. I told Sizemore to try out the M12’s for a while.