Dave Ware is 51 and Blades Everyday

Filmed & edited by Tri Tri-Rudolf. Shot on a Sony RX100 IV.

Dave Ware is 51 and Blades Everyday

Dave Ware is a skater, VP at his company, a single father of 2 kids, a musician, a gun collector, a dirt biker, and several other things. He is 51 years old and has been skating everyday for the past 8 years. This short documentary gives a little insight into the life of Dave.

You can see more of Dave Ware on his Vimeo Channel.

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  • Bryan Fajkovic

    This guy is a huuge inspirtation!!! Love this! He is the man!

  • DavStp

    Damn! Can’t believe I made Rollernews!!! I’m gonna skate twice as hard from now on. And probably twice as good too! ;)

  • Jennifer Keever

    Way to go Dave!

    • DavStp

      Thanks Jennifer! I can’t believe this thing took off like it did! I credit the master story teller who produced it. Tri Tri is a video ninja. :)

  • Boykeeh

    you sir. are a king!