Dave Lang & Wake Schepman: 1260

Dave Lang & Wake Schepman: 1260

Dave Lang First one I’ve ever landed. Enjoy. -Dave Lang.

Wake Schepman Mini Mega Ramp at Woodward East.

Bonus: Alex Burston, 1260 @ NASS 2010
Kingdom Magazine Edit by Jordan Maders. Thanks BigPear.

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27 Responses to “Dave Lang & Wake Schepman: 1260”

  1. F inding R ehab Says:

    thats what those look like huh? DL stomped that shit!

  2. Danielson Says:

    DOPE!!! Enough said

  3. dave la salope Says:

    dave eat my ass ! your is ridiculous old bitch!

  4. Ridiculous Bitch Says:

    Can someone please tell the Europeans to stop using Google Translate?

  5. DF2T Says:

    One moment please… Dace Lang is not “DL” PLEASE. Dave L or D Lang but not DL !

  6. BigPear Says:


    Burston 1260.

  7. Nick Adams Says:

    One moment please… Dace Lang is not “DL” PLEASE. Dave L or D Lang but not DL ! +1

    I like Dave Lang but DL is a legend and truly was one of the most gifted skaters in the history of street skating

  8. Anonymous Says:

    DL Dustin Latimer? :O

  9. gerard Says:

    A grabbed 1260, never seen one before !! C’mon Daveeeeee!!

  10. Oskars Says:

    DL = Dustin Latimer !

  11. anonyme Says:

    Finally US skaters are years back late EU skaters!
    The “we got style” era will not be a viable argument now?

  12. Alex M. Says:

    “Finally US skaters are years back late EU skaters!
    The “we got style” era will not be a viable argument now?”

    If we’re going to argue strictly on regionalism, Shane Yost, who is neither American nor European, was the first to land these IIRC

  13. cameron card Says:

    Bobby Tateishi – 1260 at Skatebarn

    Carl Hills also landed a 1260 in an ASA Event.. Can’t find the video.

  14. lol Says:

    shame either guys arn’t old men giving the papers a field day making inline skating look cool creating more skaters! isn’t that how skateboarding got big again many years ago from tony H doing just a 900.

  15. koubis Says:


  16. fd Says:

    Damn thats a good looking 1260! Very nice if spinning is done with style!

    Dave Lang for pres!

  17. damn Says:

    I like Burston’s 12 over the mega ramp. He landed it so solid!! even rolled away fakie.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    we’re really comparing a bunch of cross leg out of control 1260’s to langs? sorry but that was on a different level. grabbed and stylish. never seen a 1260 that looked like a controlled 9 before.

  19. He grabbed it Says:

    EVERYTHING that has been done recently outside of the US has already been done many many years ago. If you guys don’t understand this it is OK because you probably haven’t been skating that long and don’t know that much about the insides of this art.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    give this man a pro skate ! :) and wheels and frames ! ! !

  21. He grabbed it but... Says:

    EVRYTHING already done many many years ago?
    Sorry but many many years ago, there wasn’t 1260 on a “street” area even not grabbed.

    Whatever if it is have been done “many many years ago”, this edit just prove that europeans have now the lead and the others just follow the trend.

  22. what!? Says:

    Europe can suck it with all them gross ass spins. DL shits on all them wankers! both DL’s! Fuck Europe! USA OR DIE!

  23. Clemounet Says:

    1260° is my favourite skater.

  24. b_faded Says:

    and noone mentions the 15 y/o

  25. DF2T Says:

    I said, stop call him DL… please

  26. Anonymous Says:

    there can be only one DL and his first name is Dustin

  27. France Rules Says:

    very nice but Julien 1260 that ramp when he was 14. America catching up finally?