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Troy Maimone: Summer 2008 Europa Profile

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Troy Maimone

Check the video in HD Streaming.
Thanks Josh Glowicki.

Stephane Alfano: Gladiator Contest (2008), Disaster Corkscrew 720

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

stephane alfano

Thanks Alexx.

Ben Schwab Interview @ Slamm Jamm X

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Here we find one of the over seas visitors to this years SlammJamm “Ben Schwab” talking to Paul “Jp” Cargill about sponsors, SlammJamm and the UK friendly atmosphere.

Thanks Djb.

Stephane Alfano: Spin Edit, 30min in Frejus (France)

Monday, December 15th, 2008

stephane alfano

450 Liu kang, Flat spin 720, 450 Flat Tranfer.

Valo Premiere in Montreal: Session Edit

Monday, December 15th, 2008


RFCC Awards 2008: Results & Videos

Monday, December 15th, 2008


Rookie of the Year Award:

1. Montre Livingston
2. Jon Jon Bolino
3. Jake Dotson
4. Joey Chase
5. Jeff Dalnas

2008 RFCC Skater of the Year Award:

1. Chris Haffey
2. Alex Browskow
3. Franky Morales
4. Brian Aragon
5. Jeff Stockwell

2008 International Skater of the Year Award:

1. Chaz Sands
2. Stefan Horngacher
3. Soitchiro Kanashima
4. Dominik Wagner
5. Oli Short

2008 Video Section of the Year Award:

1. Chris Haffey- Fade Nation
2. Brian Aragon- ICONS
3. Dom Bambrick- ICONS
4. Billy O’Neill- TRUTH
5. Joey Chase- Thrill

2008 Hall of Fame Award:

2008 Jon Julio
2008 Dustin Latimer

2007 Chris Edwards
2007 Arlo Eisenberg

Thanks Csmk2crzy.

Ecko Tv: Blading time!

Saturday, December 13th, 2008


Thanks Juju-power (french topic).

Rachard johnson: Allstar throne review

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

rachard johnson

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