Dan Davidson-Pilon (DP): 2012 Razors Edit

Calgary (Alberta, Canada) 2012 edit filmed by Karma, Dallas, Jbo, Klow Dallas Kurtz.

Dan Davidson-Pilon (DP): 2012 Razors Edit

This edit had no pre planned thought, trick selection or spot selection. I let the blades do the work, not putting myself in many dangerous situations, it is bad for the heart.

This is my first edit that i gathered clips from all my friends in a different perspectives, cameras, seasons, skates and sobrietys.

There are no popular trends, pride or specific images specifically portrayed, this is just my subconscious and my spirit rollerblading.DP.

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  • Mike Dougherty

    Love the style love the skating.. Overall such a great edit.. keep it up homie

  • https://soundcloud.com/djwrekshop DJ WREKSHOP

    Loved that. Just a bunch of peeps having fun. Who cares that the filming wasn’t perfect or some of the tricks weren’t executed flawlessly. Would like to see more edits like this on here. Reminds me of the good ole days.

  • gewrmanyboy

    really nice. !!!

  • Luke

    LOVED IT! Great style! Last trick was sweet!

  • Murphmann

    that was some dope sheet right there

  • joshua-roddy

    good tricks, filming needs work

  • ::{BMF} Dave

    Your monthly edits were so great. Why are they all offline?

  • ::{BMF} Dave

    That’s not to say that this edit was not great. Superb! Plus, your podcast with Todd was excellent to listen to. Great guy.

  • d beer

    DP, always bringing the hype to the session no matter what. Such a positive/hilarious dude, and makes blading look too easy! Awesome edit boi, we’ll skate again soon

  • Bubbles

    Your the man DP!

  • jimmy

    dope. Definitely caught the vibe of this edit. Such a good edit!

  • Brendan

    I love it player!

  • Shut up

    Great edit DP!!
    How much did it cost for soundwave to do the music?

  • Tico

    D to the motha fuckin P

  • Anonymous

    i love you xoxo

  • hans Hey

    Yeah DP !!

    That was a sick edit!!

    Looked fun to make %100

  • karma

    Soooo feel good edit.

    Can’t wait to roll with you again!


  • terrible

    terrible white trash rednecks with terrible style. I like how they are dressed like wanna be gangstas from the 90s

  • Anonymous

    it was nice to watch that.. make me think how i will be at the same years =)

  • Sean

    just dont cut off the heads when filming

  • http://firstandlexington.com Dustin Jamieson

    Get um DP! ….

  • Scoootsman

    This guy is good and that also featured possibly the most nerdy ghost riding of a whip I have ever seen lol!