Dallas Park Edit – Featuring Josh Glowicki and Friends

This is a new razors podcast on youtube.

Featuring Dallas rollerbladers including Brady Johnston, John Sullivan, Brian Moore, Josh Glowicki, guest celebrity Rian Arnold from Australia!

Thanks Josh.


10 Responses to “Dallas Park Edit – Featuring Josh Glowicki and Friends”

  1. Trill Bill Says:

    That was cool.


  2. gooch Says:

    yeh fuckin sick. yay rian.

  3. pom Says:

    blackaliscious!i used to roll to that with a walkman haha!

    nice lil edit..

  4. Etienne Says:

    Allen, best park in the world

  5. Henry Says:

    AO fish T-ledge.
    so sick

  6. williamsupersteez Says:

    SIIIIIICk shit!

    gotta love dallas kids and dallas in general.
    so sick

  7. Jayro Says:

    soooooo sick!!!!

  8. ooooo Says:

    Blackalicious got funk for the future!

  9. Gustavo Says:

    It reminds me of the Brian Bell editing style.

  10. alcolo Says:

    yeah remind mee something oldschool