Dallas Park Edit (2016) by Gino Gotelli

Winter and Spring 2016. Allen Skate Park + Alliance Skate Park.

Dallas Park Edit (2016) by Gino Gotelli

Featuring Troy Maimone, Wes Phelan, Gino Gotelli, John Sullivan, Fritz Peitzner, Josh Navarifar, Ryan Rasmussen, Jack Fidone, and Brady Johnston.

Skating starts at 0:28.

Previously: Dallas Rollerbladers: Autumn Park Edit (2015).

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  • dontgetbutthurt

    needs more clips of Ryan

    • Gino Gotelli

      Agreed, he works too much lol

  • Homer Thompson

    Gah … rollerblading edits are so fucking boring these days. That was the most generic five minutes of blading I’ve ever sat through. It’s like you just put different hats and hairstyles on the same hipster tool, and had him skate the same shitty covered park. I used to not hate rollerblading …

    • Gino Gotelli

      Hmmm, your momma must of not raised you right. No need for negativity here. All these guys are great people not “tools”. You should really bring more positivity into this world.