Dallas Kurtz: 2010, 2011 Edit (Calgary, Canada)

Dallas Kurtz

Dallas Kurtz is a fucking gem. He has given more to this culture than he could ever take from it, the “home-town-hero” of Calgary.

If you are ever scoping out a “new” spot in town chances are D has already hit it. A personality through and through , if you ever have the opportunity to meet him, you won’t forget it.

Here’s to you D, to many more years of memories, on blades or off ‘em, while rocking the jacket or not, RPT for life. -Karma.

Filmed primarily on a Sony Ex-1. Designed in After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

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4 Responses to “Dallas Kurtz: 2010, 2011 Edit (Calgary, Canada)”

  1. kmcgloughlin Says:

    super good,
    nice all round edit

  2. D.Beer Says:

    Hell yeah coach!! such a bangin profile, can’t wait to skate with ya again.


  3. DaynaB Says:

    Yes yes yes! Give me more

  4. Leon // Shop-Task Says:

    Amazing edit, I love you Dallas.