Daily Bread: 60 min with Carlos Pianowski (200x)

Edited by Marcelo Abans.

Daily Bread: 60 min with Carlos Pianowski (200x)

Photo: Ryan Shude.
Previously: Carlos Pianowski, The Lost Edit.

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14 Responses to “Daily Bread: 60 min with Carlos Pianowski (200x)”

  1. Minter Says:



  2. Anonymous Says:

    good old days… hammers all the way!!!!

  3. pcp Says:

    how come he isn´t dead or paralyzed yet? crazy motherfucker… does he still skate?

  4. Papa Says:

    yes he doesyes he does!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  5. Papa Says:

    yes he does!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  6. Mr. Teddy Says:

    Disaster front fulltorque is … fuck man, i am speechless :).

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Never really understood this guys style .just skating stupid big gaps to rails and stuff.watching an edit of this guy is like a broken record.

  8. Winkler Says:

    ^ yeah, same with any other sports. Idiots just doing meaningless things…. what is the purpose for example to slide on a rail… hmmm… just a waste of time….

  9. flowskate Says:

    FUCK OFF ANONYMOUS CURB TAPPER! Lets be honest..This guy pushes it bigtime..You can’t say shit about him. Last trick was mind blowing never seen someone hit a kinked rail that filthy

  10. VeniceReject Says:

    Man, I never knew our sport was full of trolls.

    Thought there was enough people acting like uncivil toddlers on other sites, thanks for coming into our very accepting way of life and trying to base it solely on your trash ego.

    Your parents hate you and so do I, grind that curb prick, grind that curb.

  11. Ben Shelbourne - REAL Says:

    flowskate your a dickhead, you can fuck off before typing anything

  12. Haitian Magazine Says:

    now thats a real fucking rollerblader!

  13. Ben Shelbourne Says:

    haitian magazine needs to just shut up and get a life

  14. Ben Shelbourne - REAL - FAKE Says:

    I use my real name ’cause i am the man!

    Seriously, who the fuck cares your real name? It is the fuckin’ INTERNET, we are just sitting in front of a fuckin’ machine and starring the screen. Your real name is noncommittal, meaningless to all of us. Internet is just a virtual world, without faces. So, noone cares your REAL name.

    Nicu Negrescu :)