CTV Premium, Chapter 1: The best of 2009

2010 Repost + Video Rehost by Oli Benet.

Matty Watky of CTV compiled this best of 2009 edit as the premier edition of CTV Premium, a new monthly section containing only the finest, choicest cuts from USD, Xsjado, Kizer and UC riders.

the conference

This video features Jeff Dalnas, Billy O’Neill, Colin Kelso, Sean Kelso, Nick Lomax, Dominic Sagona, Demetrios George, Oli Benet, Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Ben Schwab, Alberto Hooi.

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  • smoky johnson

    I want more farmer, sagona, schwab, and stockwell.

    handrail/handicap skating gets boring way to fast.

  • Joshua.gizzle

    2:20 was fucking crazy! crazy messed up shizwash!

  • Zheka

    Matty is a wizard…such a pleasant video=) Demetrius and Billy are sick freaks!!!

  • Johnny Droog

    The Conference team rocked 2009 so hard

  • ADR

    Also want more Farmer, this guy is pushing away gravity laws in a so special way!!!

    Regarding all the tricks he has already done in is life, this guy is a legend !! and his snowhite promodel is the best of all time !!

  • WOW

    it would be cool if conference and Matty Watky teamed up and came out with just a conference video

  • peter

    jeff killin it, billy killin it and demetrious SLOW DOWN!! your scaring me

  • http://www.Facebook.com/harrybrown harrys

    MattyWatky is my favorite Filmer & Editor to date!

    conference DVD!

  • Dante Martinez

    if there putting dalnas down to am that’s a disgrace. He’s easily one of the best street sk8ers in the world in terms of swagger and hammers. a pro makes u wanna buy there shit and dalnas does that. peaceee

  • Thalamonide 40600

    What’s the name of the song?Please


    Jeff dalnas is amazing. puts everyone to shame, next level shit