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After going through all of the stainless steel spacer sliders and rigid spacers one by one for quality and removing the bad ones we thought we were all set.

However, Hakeem then found a catastrophic error. Almost all of the axles are slightly too thick and although they will fit through the spacers they will not fit through the bearings. This could be from either the electroplating being too thick or a problem with the steel axle itself.

Either way, it is a huge set-back that stops us from delivering the frames at this time. We are extremely upset about it.

I can’t express in words to you how devastated we are by this. We have obviously contacted the manufacturer and this is the returned message:

So we now have to wait an undetermined amount of time to see what they say and find out what if anything they will do about it.

We have gone through every single axle to find any good ones. Out of 415 bags we have enough to complete some sets(very few). So our intention is to ship to the first few people who got their shipping money in and refund all of the remaining shipping money.

Once we hear back from the manufacturers we will let you know what they say.

The worst case scenario is that they do not remake the parts and ship them to us, our European distributor and our Russian distributor at their cost. In that case, rest assured that despite not having the money to remake the parts now. We will do nothing but work until we can attain the funds to fix the problem and get the frames to you. NOTHING will stop us from completing this.

We apologize greatly for this inconvenience and want nothing more than to deliver these frames to you all.

Thread on Facebook.

And now for some news…

Due to large numbers of messages and emails from people believing they deserved to be in the first small batch over others, discontent with our methodology of choosing who would receive them, we decided to just refund everyone. We will ship them all when the time comes so no one has to feel like they didn’t get something that others did or that they were mistreated.

So yes all of the shipping money has been refunded. Again our apologies for this inconvenience. Admittedly we were so excited to get the frames to you all as fast as possible and with thousands and thousands of parts to inspect we didn’t figure that the axles that fit through the spacers wouldn’t then fit through the bearing. It is literally a small fraction of a millimeter that screwed us. That being said you should have received an email from paypal confirming your refund. If you did not please contact me directly at and I will sort it out.

Now for the good news. Our factory has gotten back to us with what they are going to do about the flawed parts. Shockingly, they are going to remake all of the faulty parts at their own expense! We are obviously very happy about this. Not only because it speeds up the process of getting you all your frames faster but also it is nice to finally have a manufacturer take responsibility. That is very promising for all of our future dealings with them.

We still have to work out if they are willing to also ship to the 3 locations that received frames also at their expense and it is Chinese new year so that will cause delays in production. Regardless it is a HUGE relief that they are going to remake the parts.

Thanks again for all of your support and we will keep you posted as things progress.

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry for you guys… You have all our support.
    Keep going and good luck.

  • Anonymous

    Ship without axles, we’ll use other brands

  • Blah

    There are also errors in the metal suspension sliders.
    The factory they used in China is obviously not hitting their workers hard enough.

  • Ric flair

    Other brand axles are too short.

  • Dude, the little gay dog

    eat a dick with this horse shit of a kickstarter. fucking hell,

  • Jesus
  • Anonymous

    Send frame with axles you have! People can take paint off and than they will fit (probably)

  • Anonymous

    i am so happy i never invested in this kickstarter venture. this shit seems like hell for everyone. and i’m just here sitting back eatin popcorn watching it all unfold.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So these means that so far you haven’t even tried them yourself or did you have a set of different axles to do so?

    I can’t see what innovation you think you are bringing to the market apart from rubber spacers that are supposed to do what? Make landings softer? Smoother ride?

    p.s. hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaa x

  • Anonymous

    maybe you should wait with promotion until you have a sellable product ?!

  • Freak Boiiii

    So basically you guys could not have picked a cheaper less professional manufacturer… it.

  • Anonymous

    this picture is frightening

  • Anonymous

    No wonder billy quit when he did, he didnt wana have anything on this.

  • Anonymous

    this is such a fucken joke.

  • jdouggie

    I have a few thoughts to share.

    1. Congrats on making it this far, CO. Thank you for sticking thru the hard shit and keeping your word (as well as you possibly can).

    2. When people say things like “So basically you guys could not have picked a cheaper less professional manufacturer… it.”…. What do people think? There are a few factories in China set up for custom fab rollerblade-specific parts? NO. Overseas manufacturing is a nightmare. I’m actually impressed with how much communication must have gone on between CO and their manufacturers to even get this far.

    3. I will not buy these.

    4. It’s a shame CO chose to hype these frames years ago before they even had the final product (but I guess they needed to for the funding…). Could you imagine though if all the R+D+Manufacturing was done now and they could just introduce a new product?!

  • mp

    wouldnt be suprised if these never comeout, its a good scam to get bladers money. Fucking scum. such a small shitty community

  • Anonymous

    This is blading it’s niche sport of a few thousand people we should be thankful at all that people are still out there trying to come out with any new products.

    It’s a bit negligent on COs part for the delays and fuck ups, what do you think though they are doing it on purposed just to screw over their own business.

    It’s obviously in their best interest to come out with this as best and soon as possible so i genuinely believe and support them. Until than I’m happy with my CO regular frames, which are the best.

  • Derek

    Rollerbladers on here: You complain about the “industry” not giving you new products, then you complain when the ppl in that industry try to bring you that innovation that you so crave…only to shit on it? EVERYTHING is easier said than done. If you don’t believe in the dream of these individuals, then by all means do not buy, but as fellow bladers don’t put it down either. These guys blade just like us with the balls to chase after their dream. instead of sitting on a website spreading hate with fake names. Blading might have been underground for so many years, but we’ll be the reason it dies, if we keep this shit up. CO good luck on everything GOD’s speed gents.

  • Gordon Gideon Graves

    Can’t help but feel bad for the guys at CO, as well as those who invested in this project to get a pair of these lovely frames.

    Hope this gets sorted soon.

  • Richard Worthington

    The problem with rollerblading is that everyone is broke. There are no people involved with rollerblading that care about money, so the money doesn’t come. In addition to this, a good majority of rollerbladers actually are trashy, shady people. Nobody wants to buy anything at full price. It’s a bunch of CHEAPSKATES. (pun intended). Nothing but broke cheapskates that think they deserve something for free just because they’ve been skating 10 years and done nothing for the industry.

  • Anonymous

    not surprised. i wish the best but jesus. maybe its time to stop the project

  • Anonymous

    Why Does the Suspension system in Aggressive Skates have to be in the Frames?
    Why Doesn’t someone Invent a boot with the Suspension Built in?
    Maybe build something into the Soul Plates?

    Just an Idea, you could eliminate all the problems associated with the Frames.

  • Buckner

    Sucks to see this happen. too bad there isnt a blader out there that won the lottery & can drop a couple bucks to help out our sport. Ive been skating since 96 & have a full time job as a radio broadcaster. Not all bladers are shady:)

  • cesium

    Richard Worthington: I feel same as you

  • Shawn

    The thought of suspension frames seems a little bit dumb. When did you ever try something and think to yourself “damn, I really wish my frames had a suspension system”. Skateboards don’t have it, bmx doesn’t have it. In other words, millions dollar companies didn’t invest in the idea (which i’m assuming it has been thought up). Heel pads and Sebas boot tech make the most sense.

  • Ric flair

    Shawn, you are a half wit.

    BMX bikes have tyres that can take the shock of a gap and skateboard trucks at least have rubber spacers and bushings.

    Perhaps you should know what you are talking about before you post something as dumb as what you just gave roller news.

    The rest of the haters. pfffff pick up a scooter and leave rollerblading, the sport isn’t going anywhere because of cheap ducks who contribute nothing.

  • daddy says

    Every new invention has hick ups. Don’t stop till u release the product u want. Keep moving forward and these mess ups will b a memory of the past. Its not like everything went smooth for henry ford or Howard Hughes. Just be patient

  • Ground Control

    At least you’re honest in admitting your product sucks a fat dick

  • Billy O’Neil


  • phil

    All this effort… why?!…. is the frame revolutionary?!…. no, it wont even last. Nothig about them makes me want to buy a pair (I’d accept a pair, but not buy)

    how much will they be? You can buy featherlites for 40$ and they more than gt the job done.

    ive been in the industry for almost 20 years. Ive seen many a company come and go and the thing that usually does a company in is fixing something thats not broken. This frame DOES NOT need to be released. Why not just improve upon what they already have?

    I mean, its great they wanna add to a sport they love but theyve done that. The origional CO frames were some of he best ive ever used. This new frame, i have a feeling, wont even last through generation one. Theres nothing special about it. At least with the old kind, u can customize the way they look. Another dead frame, when it did t need to be.

    RIP: 5050, Able, Epoch, Fiziks, Xsjado Mooks, kizer elements, kizer amor tech, kizer suspension, kizer type m, kizer diamond

  • Dan-Man

    wouldn’t old CO axels work?

  • Ric flair

    Featherlites? BAHAHAHA… to bullet 8’s that snapped, the worst frames that came from sunshine scooter company.

  • Anonymous

    By the looks of the frame, i don’t think it’s the best solution for safe suspensioning… I’m really worried that the axles will flex unevenly and get wheel bite from the wheel leaning into the inside of the frame walls. That being said, hope they won’t run into more problems. This horrible nightmare needs to come to an end

  • Anonymous

    these are just bushing for your axles which seems like a relatively simple idea.
    but damn guess not

  • Anonymous

    Someone bring back Fiziks, fucksakes. They were insane.

  • OG Babs

    CRS are mythical.

  • Anonymous

    from what I read, they have refound the money. so they have not stolen anything. we have to wonder why, after all these years in the business, they don’t have found a serius factory. China produce a thousand of objects, good and bad. not onyl bad.
    I would say that a person should examine herself and understand when it comes time to look for another job, outside of this blade business. blading is a sport for young people. build rollerblade parts is for persons who have the money and head to do it, not for everyone.

  • Shawn

    Flair, Yes bike tires have some give and skateboards have rubber in the trucks, neither are for suspension. Why? cause it’s unnecessary because your body already is. In my opinion these will probably be more dangerous due to wheel bite and imbalanced landing. I agree with phil. This idea wont last long but it was a good try for something new in the industry.

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    I’m not a business owner, and I’m not in the blading industry, but I do have tons of experience dealing with China through work, where I used to do QC for our outsourcing partners in China. I’m not surprised in the least these dudes are having these problems with their Chinese factory. I still work for the same company but doing something else, so I’ll keep the details murky, but let me give you first-hand insight on Chinese manufacturing and production.

    They give no fucks about quality; just production. You can say the same about most industrialized nations but it’s particularly true about the Chinese.

    We used China partners because they worked for cheap, but the quality of their work was quite often pretty substandard. There were a TON of job orders that had to be re-done (at their cost) but even then, what they would send back had exactly the same issues. Actually, most of the time, they sent the exact same shit they sent us and was sent back to re-do because it sucked.

    Whenever we addressed with the partners directly, they acknowledged their mistakes (with replies much like this instance – apologetic, written in decent English, but you still weren’t sure if they actually UNDERSTOOD the problem) but the issues were never fixed. Either that, or we’d get obviously scripted answers. Either way, job orders hardly ever got fixed on their end whenever they fucked up. Created a lot of extra work for our team, but it was still cheaper than using labs in the US, so, regardless of how badly they fucked up, we had to deal with it.

    We had five outsourcing partners, in different regions of China, and only one was consistently good; the other four sucked donkey balls.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, good luck, CO dudes. Don’t bank on your axles being fixed anytime soon, regardless of what your manufacturer is promising. I dealt with this kind of shit for five years. It’s just the way they do business. Quantity over quality.

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    “a good majority of rollerbladers actually are trashy, shady people. ”

    I want you to be wrong, but you’re not. If I meet one more blader that lives at home with his parents, works fast food, has no reliable transportation, complains about being broke but has a mountain of skate shit at home, and STILL sucks at rollerblading, I’m going to fucking scream.

  • fuckhead

    Holy shit these still aren’t out yet? How many years has it been since the kickstarter for them that people were actually dumb enough to give money to? No way in hell I would’ve gave money for that. I’ve “donated” thousands of dollars since the late 90s to the industry so yeah fuck this! I would have asked for my money back a longggggggg time ago if I was stupid enough to donate in the first place for this joke of a project. All they are are balance frames + fiziks, nothing fancy at all. I will stick with the original design CO frames thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    niggas act like china is a manufacturing walmart you just call them and shit magically happens

    nigga they didnt even fill a pallet they lucky people are even emailing them back and re manufacturing shit for them on their tiny order

    “skateboarders dont use suspension”

    nigga they make risers, trucks act as suspension, the deck acts as a leaf spring if you cant understand that you’re stupid

    “bmxers dont use suspension”

    nigga the entire bike frame is a suspension the double triangle design is there for a reason, the wheels act as suspension, again if you fail to realize this you’re stupid

  • Anonymous

    hahaha when these frame come out i’m more then sure they will have some kind of problem. i broke 3 create original frames , piece of shit frame if you ask me . the concept of this frame is unoriginal . i will still buy them when ever they decide to come out . but in back of my head i know I’m going to brake these piece of shit frames on my stompers because thats how i get down when i land my tricks . on another note i hope the wait is worth it like i really hope you guys don’t fuck up on this shit .

  • Dan Blade

    As much as I hate to agree, I think Richard Worthington is right about what he said up there ^