Create Originals: CRS Frames Update

Create Originals, CRS Frames

Wow. I have wanted to write this message for a VERY long time. The CRS frames are at Boston Logan Airport.

We have now received word that they have cleared customs and are awaiting pick up. What happens now… We are going to need to get a truck and then head down to a warehouse near the airport (door to door shipping would have been an extra $700). Then we will have to settle up with all of the customs fees and what ever other bullshit fees they throw at us. Then load them all up.

Now heres the amazing part… we then drive the CRS frames back to our house. Hahaha I don’t know about Hakeem, but once they are inside and I have returned the truck I’m probably going to stair at the giant shipping crates at this point for a while and just try to enjoy the feeling of completing one of the most difficult projects I have ever been apart of. After all of the stresses of completing this I am anticipating some really good vibes from being in their presence. Similar to how I felt back in 2009 when we along with a lot of help from our friends loaded our first shipment of OG frames into our apartment. Once done marinating on that, we will then need to inspect and inventory everything. Hopefully it will be correct or at least close.

Then we can begin all of the actions of getting them shipped out to all of our backers. Keep in mind Handling the various shipments will take some time. Packaging and shipping upwards of 300 shipments will take us time to complete. As you can imagine I already feel a huge load off of my shoulders and I am so excited for you all to try the frames. Especially, those of you who generously donated to our kickstarter. I really hope you love them as much as I think you will.

Once again my apologies for the lateness and thank you all so much for putting your faith in us. It means the world to us that in an industry that people say is dying we all came together and made something big happen. We all proved that not only is there money in our industry but there are a lot of likeminded people that can come together and make things happen. No banks, no investors just bladers working together to make something happen. Despite how hard it was to earn all of the extra money and have our lives turned upside down to fight to complete this and not abandon it, I feel truly blessed to have been involved.

I would also like to go on record and say that despite the fact that our company operates on a loss and we have to work to keep it funded we believe that we will be able to make Create Originals into something more and be apart of making our industry and sport continue to live on. To anyone who had anything negative to say about the lateness or communication, know that we have no ill will towards any of you and understand where you were coming from. I only hope that maybe you can try to understand our position and how hard we had to fight to not let your generous donations go without reward.

If any of you feel that you need more explanation or have questions feel free to contact me directly either on Facebook or my email

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  • Diaz

    If this is not the definition of skater-owned company, I don’t know what is. Can’t wait to test and see these frames in action, I hope they will really make a difference !

    And yeah, I know they’re late, but hey, I don’t care.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to test them !!!

  • Anonymous

    this is the biggest load of bullshit!

  • Roberts

    Really happy about his! Can’t wait for feedback after testing

  • Anonymous

    man, so glad i didn’t invest into this. Also, if you kids love them. can you order another pair in a year? or does he have to wait 3 years to get another shipment?

  • Suspension Dude 48

    Where is the best place for me to buy these if I didn’t fund the kickstarter?

  • K dot

    How long until we can get colored ones though? Need some periwinkle or salmon colored ones.

  • Anonymous

    the last part of this fb post is missing.

    ‘Last, Brian Krans interviewed me and it is up on Here is the link if you would like to hear more about what went down you can go check it out.
    Really… thank you all so much. We fucking did it!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the only thing that is a little disheartening is this statement:

    they “could be the bee’s knees or the bee’s asshole,” Lewis said

    ive dealt with china so i know how it can be but after all this you dont know if they are any good or pure shit? what is that about?

    wish this was mentioned when pledging money

  • No


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    Business suicide. R.I.P. 2015.

  • SteeZ


  • Anonymous

    how not to run a business for dummies

  • TJL

    How much? Always wanted a pair of fiziks, and this is about as close as it gets