Colorado Road Trip 2015: Razors Edit

Colorado Road Trip 2015: Razors Edit

August 2015 marked the 17th anniversary of the Colorado Road Trip, an amazing journey throughout the The Centennial State. Full of incredible skate parks, off the grid camp spots, huge bonfires, and heart attack inducing river baths, the CORT is an experience everyone should have at least 5, 10 times in their lives. Here’s a taste of what happened with the Razors on the 2015 Colorado Road Trip.

Featuring Jeph Howard, Geoff Acers, Hunter Grimm, Jarrod Banning, Josh Hayes & Taylor Popham. Guest appearances by Troy Miamone, Mick Casals and Matt “Condor” Mannila.

Filmed by Jeph Howard & Geoff Acers. Edited by Jeph Howard.
Music: Ghost Wave – Horsemouth, Mazzy Star – Halah.

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  • Mike Way

    No comments? That’s what’s wrong with rollerblading. It’s not about whether it’s ground breaking, because literally everything “Has” been done ten plus years ago. But keep supporting those that skate because it is what we all love. This site is a skating platform with daily edits. Some may not be as good as others, but the edits keep rollerblading going and I’m thankful for that.

    I enjoyed this edit and the effort it took to put it together. Props to a fellow MN native like Jeff for helping put blading out there for all that tune in to see. I’m directing this towards beyond the spectrum of dedicated bladers themselves. I’m rambling, so I’m done. Lol